Allied Health Interns Allowance In Ghana


Allied health interns allowance in Ghana
Allied health professionals

Allied health interns or personnel are graduates from allied health institutions (College of health, kintampo, Yamfo college of health, Tamale school of hygiene, School of sciences, UDS etc) who go through a mandatory service every year.

In every year, these interns are posted to the various hospitals, health centers, regional and district health directorate for their services.

The duration of the service lasts for about 12 months, but their leave period is1 month usually in the month of August.

Unlike the general national service personnel, allied health interns are paid through Controller and Accountant General Department. Allied health interns do not receive their allowance through the National Service Scheme. Any intern who submits his monthly validation sheet to the office of the Service Scheme does so at his own risk.

How much do they pay Allied health interns?

Allied health interns are paid between ¢800 - ¢900 a month. In 2021, the amount paid to each intern was about ¢820. However, there is likely to be increments in the near future.

Some alleged they've even received more than that. Some reports indicates that the amount paid to you depends on the location of your service.

When do they receive their allowance?

According to some reports, the interns receive their payments just few months before the service ends.

However, the earlier they received their staff IDs, the faster they're likely to be paid. Allied health service personnel go through a lot of hardship during the service. This is because they don't receive their allowance early until when they are about to finish.

But what actually causes the delay in the payment? Most of the interns have complained about their Human Resource officers delaying the submission of their PPD forms to the regional level. 

Others have also claimed they need a little token from them before taking any action for them.

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