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                                                        Nurses salary in Ghana

How much salary do Nurses earn per month in Ghana? How much can I earn per month as a degree or diploma Nurse?. Nursing used to be one of the most lucrative and prestigious profession in Ghana. Nursing was a profession almost every Senior High School (SHS) graduate wished to go into. 

According to reports, the last few years have been a difficult time for nurses in Ghana. This is evident by everyday strikes and demonstrations we see. Despite the fact that nurses are been poorly paid in recent times does not mean the profession is not worth pursuing.

Nursing is still a lucrative profession in Ghana. And if you are thinking of pursuing nursing, it is a good decision. You must not give up. The only thing you should note is that the cost of training a Nurse is very expensive.

Nurses Salary in Ghana

Nurses salary differs from each other in Ghana. They are not paid equally. The amount paid to a nurse depends on many factors such as the school he/she graduated from, his/her qualifications and work experience.

For instance, a certificate Nurse receives between ghc1,000 - ghc1,700 in Ghana, while a degree Nurse may earn between ghc2,000 - ghc3,500 per month. According to reports, Anesthetist Nurses are currently the most paid Nurses in Ghana.

Certificate Nurses Salary in Ghana

Certificate Nurses are in the lower group of Nursing. They receive the lowest salary due to their qualification. In Ghana, certificate Nurses receive between ghc1,300 - ghc1,800 in a month. Salary changes every year. 

Certificate Nurses Salary - ghc1,300 - ghc1,800

Diploma Nurses Salary in Ghana

Diploma Nurses earn a little higher than certificate Nurses. Diploma Nurses Salary is almost twice of the certificate Nurses. In Ghana, Diploma Nurses are paid between ghc1,800 - ghc2,700 a month. Clinical Nurses may earn a little bit higher than Public Health Nurses.

Diploma Nurses Salary - ghc1,800 - ghc2,700

Degree Nurses Salary in Ghana

Just like certificate Nurses, degree Nurses earn a little bit higher than diploma Nurses. In Ghana, degree Nurses earn between ghc2,500 - ghc3,500 per month.

Degree Nurses Salary - ghc2,500 - ghc3,500.

Categories of Nurses in Ghana

  • Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
  • Registered General Nurses (RGN)
  • Registered Midwives (RM)
  • Registered Mental Health Nurses (RMHN)
  • Registered Community Health Nurses (RCHN)
  • Nurse Assistant Clinicals (NAC)
  • Enrolled Nurse (EN)
  • Senior Enrolled Nurse (SEN)
  • Nurse Assistant Preventive (NAP)
  • Principal Enrolled Nurse (PEN)

Nursing training colleges in Ghana

  • 37 Military Hospital Nurses Training College
  • Tamale Nurses Training College
  • Agogo Nursing Training College
  • Ankaful Nurses Training College
  • Bawku Nurses Training College
  • Jirapa Nurses Training College
  • Ho Nurses Training College
  • Navrongo Nurses Training College
  • Bole Community Health Nurses Training College
  • Damongo Midwife and Community Health Nurses Training College
  • Sunyani Nurses Training College
  • To see all the Nursing Training Colleges in Ghana, click here


Nursing may be a lucrative profession, but it is good to get a side job as a Nurse. There are so many business opportunities available in Ghana. Do not depend on only your monthly salary. Side jobs you can do as a nurse are, health blogger, private duty Nurse (utilize your shift time we'll), cosmetics shop, open a drug/over the counter shop.

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In most cases, Nurses working in private hospitals may earn a little lower than those in the government sector. There's no definite figure on how much Nurses working in the private hospitals earn. However, it is believed they earn between GHC1,500 - GHC3,000 per month.

 Nurses who graduate from private schools go through tough times getting jobs. It is for this reason many prefer to attend public Nursing training colleges.

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