How to make money on WhatsApp in Ghana

How to make money on WhatsApp in Ghana

How can I make money on WhatsApp in Ghana? This is one of the questions people have been asking. The good news is that making money from WhatsApp is possible. Today, we are going to guide you on how to make money on WhatsApp in Ghana.

Over the years, Facebook and Instagram have made it possible for content creators to make money from the platforms through their pages. It is true WhatsApp does not provide a direct way on how to make money with WhatsApp account. However, there are other WhatsApp earning methods available. So, as I said, we have compiled a list of ideas on how to make money on WhatsApp in Ghana

How to make money on WhatsApp in Ghana

Here are the proven ways through which you can make money on WhatsApp in Ghana

Advertise your own products

You can earn money from WhatsApp in Ghana by advertising your own products. It is the most popular way to make money on WhatsApp.

If you have products or services, you can make a business card and send to your contacts or groups and tell them how much discount you are offering them.

Another way is to advertise your products using WhatsApp status. Some people have more than 500 active status viewers daily. It is the best way of telling your contacts on WhatsApp what kind of products you are selling.


Short-links are shortened links to a website. You can also make money on WhatsApp in Ghana by sending short links. It is easier and fast. We all have been sent short-links before, you clicked on it and you never knew the person is making money from it.

This mostly works best for people owning news and entertainment websites. We all have been in WhatsApp groups where links to news sites have been sent into the group before.

When you click on the link, it will redirect you to his website or blog. The more people click on it the more money he gets.

Promote people's businesses

You can earn money on WhatsApp by promoting people's businesses. You can simply do this by allowing people to post or send their business links or products in the page.

Allowing people to advertise their businesses on your page is one of the best ways to earn money on WhatsApp in Ghana. There are many people who are paid to promote business on WhatsApp. This can be achieved if you have groups that have lots of contacts.

I remember I was personally contacted by a WhatsApp group admin who asked me to allow him to post my website links to his WhatsApp groups for a token.

Drive traffic to your blog

Many bloggers in Ghana make money from their blogs by simply driving traffic from WhatsApp groups. In order to do this you must first of all have a monetized blog.

For instance, if your blog is about news, you can create a group and invite people to join.

You will have visitors from your WhatsApp groups to your site through the links you post in the group.  Your group members might click and forward your summary to their contacts. It can go viral on WhatsApp and that means so many visitors and money.

Refer friends to Apps

There are so many apps on Google Play Store that will pay you a small token or different rewards when you refer a friend to use it. 

All you need to do is to get the app, refer friends earn. Triabia Ghana is an example of such app. You can also search on Google for more reliable apps that pay you to refer a friend.

Other ways to make money on WhatsApp in Ghana

Apart from the above-mentioned ways, you can also make money on WhatsApp in Ghana through other ways. For instance, if you are running a business you can use WhatsApp to promote, market your products and services that help to increase your income.

 You can offer your services directly using the app’s file sharing features to send out promotional graphics, videos and other assorted media. You can link to your website and create a custom signature for your messages that includes a link to your website or social media profiles


Note that most of the methods listed are very passive and and will only earn you little income except you get lucky. Others like Affiliate Marketing and selling your own products can get you lots of money in Ghana.

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