10 Best Driving Schools in Las Vegas, NV


                                          Best Driving Schools in Las Vegas

Are you in Las Vegas and are looking for the best driving school near you to attend driving classes? We got you covered. We have compiled a list of some of the best driving schools in Las Vegas NV in this article.

Driving Schools In Las Vegas

Below is a list of some of the best driving schools to attend in Las Vegas as at the time of writing this article:

1. National Driving School

One of the most reputable driving schools in near me is the National Driving School. The school is a family owned institution serving the Southern Nevada area since 2010.

National Driving School has experienced instructors which means students have nothing to worry about. At National Driving School, students gain confidence they need to drive on their own and pass their DMV driving test.

The school is located at 4850 W. Flamingo Rd. #14 Las Vegas, NV 89103.

School Website: https://nationaldrivingschoolvegas.com/

2. Safe Driving School

It is another top driving school near me in Las Vegas. Safe Driving School is a driving institution that provides quality and affordable driving lessons to people. 

Safe Driving School is fully certified and also specialized in restoring students confidence behind the wheel and getting them ready for their driving test.

School Website: https://www.drivingschoollv.com/

3. Southwest Drivers Training School

Southwest Truck Drivers School is another truck driving school at Las Vegas that offers affordable, flexible and comprehensive driving programs to students.

The school is licensed by the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division and Nevada Department for Motor Vehicles. Southwest Truck Drivers School has been in service for over two decades.

The institution continues to improve and modify their curriculum and programs in order to meet their current needs.

Southwest truck drivers school has three campuses located in Phoenix, North Las Vegas, and Tucson.

School Website: 

4. Urban Traffic School

It is a licensed traffic driving school located in California, Nevada, Missouri, Virginia and Texas. The school offers an on-line Defensive Driving Courses and Traffic School for students.

Urban Traffic School has a good review from both graduates and continuing students. The school has easy and effective courses which work on all devices. Urban Traffic School is said to be one of the largest and highest rated state approved course provider in the United States.

Website: https://www.urbantrafficschool.com

5. Teresa's Driving School

It is one of the best driving schools in Las Vegas. Teresa's driving school is a licensed driver school that teaches driver education, behind-the-wheel and traffic safety classes. 

Why Choose Teresa Driving School?

  • Affordable and quality driving education
  • Experienced instructors
  • Students will be given personal attention they deserve at a competitive price for the best value available 

Website: http://teresasdrivingschool.com/index.html

6. Cantors Driving School 

Cantors driving school is one of the driving colleges in Las Vegas that offers driving lessons to students. The school is in five states: Pennsylvania, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, and California.

The aim of Cantors driving school is to provide quality and affordable driving lessons to students. The school is committed to teaching their students how to be the safest drivers possible.

Advantages of Cantors Driving School

  • The school is fully licensed & insured
  • All training vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking
  • Door to Door services
  • Cantors Driving School has highly trained, experienced instructors 

School Website: https://www.cantorsdrivingschoolnv.com/

7. A-1 Driving School

As the name suggests, A-1 driving school is a driving institution that provides driving lessons to students. The school is said to be the largest, most experienced private driving school in the state of Utah.

A-1 driving school has experienced and highly trained driving instructors. They also offer a variety of complete driver education courses, private training and the state road test.

All the school's instructors are certified by the Utah Driver License Division. This means you can be rest assured that you are in good hands.

Website: https://rtdstruckingschool.com/

8. Northwest Driving and Traffic School

The school, located in Las Vegas, is a driving institution that provides quality and affordable driving lessons to students. The school provides the best learning environment to students no matter their age or background.

Northwest driving and traffic school has unique cars that are designed to promote sanitized, healthy and safe driving. The school prepares students to pass their DMV Test.

The school boasts of being one of the best driving schools in Las Vegas. Northwest driving school also has great reviews from both graduates and continuous students.

Website: https://northwestdrivingschool.com/

9. 160 Driving Academy

The school is one of the top and popular schools in Las Vegas that teach driving lessons to students. 160 driving academy has a very good instructors who work with their students until they succeed.

Benefits of 160 driving academy

1. The school has high graduation rate. Students who graduate 160 academy has the skills to pass their Commercial Driver's License (CDL) exam.

2. 160 driving school also has instructors who care about their students. They invest their individual time needed to make sure each student excels in his or her industry.

3. The school works with graduates to find a job that meets their requirements.

Website: https://www.160drivingacademy.com/

10. Safeway Driving School

It is another popular driving schools near me in Las Vegas. The school is said to be the oldest driving schools in Southern Nevada. The school was established in 1991 with the aim to train thousands of people to obtain their driver's license. 

Safe Driving School has experienced and highly trained instructors in the latest methods of teaching. In addition to being professionals, the instructors still receive continuing education throughout the year.


8515 Edna Ave Suite 160

Las Vegas, NV 89117

Tel. (702) 892-0500


We have given an overview of some of the best driving schools in Las Vegas, NV in this article. There are other quality driving schools in near me in which we could not add to this list. We suggest you visit each school's website to know more about their services such as admission requirements, fees and other relevant information.

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