11 Best Driving Schools in Los Angeles

Best Driving Schools in Los Angeles

Looking for the best driving schools in Los Angeles? You have come to the right place. Los Angeles has some of the cheapest and quality driving schools in the United States. In this article, we have given an overview of some of the best driving schools to attend classes in Los Angeles.

Driving Schools in Los Angeles

1. Royal's Driving School

Royal driving school is on the top of our list because it is one of the most popular schools to attend driving classes in Los Angeles. The school provides the highest standard of informative driving instructions to their students.

Services Provided By the School:

  • Driving Lessons for Adults & Teenagers
  • Driving Test Services 
  • Special Course for Teenagers 
  • Day, Evening & Weekend Training
  • High First Time Pass Rate
  • Nervous and Stressful Drivers
  • English and Spanish Instructor
  • 7 Days a Week Instruct Available


Royal's Driving School

1110 N Western Ave, No 108 Los Angeles, CA 90029

Website: https://royalsdrivingla.com/

2. Lincoln Park Driving School

Another driving school with excellent driving instructions in Los Angeles is the Lincoln Park Driving School. The school has been in service for over two decades. 

Lincoln Park Driving School does not only teach students how to pass driving test, but also teach students to develop safe and defensive driving habits on the road.


Lincoln Park Driving School is located at Driving School No. 3280, Traffic Violator School No 1564.

Website: http://www.lincolnparkdriving.com/index.html

3. 1st Choice Driving and Traffic School

As the name suggests, 1st Choice Driving and Traffic School is a driving school located in California that provides quality and affordable driving education to students. 

The school has experienced Instructors that are prepared to take each student by the hand, from their very first time behind the wheel until the time they have received their driver's license. 

Services provided by 1st choice driving and traffic school include: behind-the-wheel training for students, behind-the-wheel training for adults, online traffic school, and online driver's education.

Website: https://www.firstchoicedrivingandtrafficschool.com/

4. CNC Driving School 

It is a driving school located in Los Angeles. The aim of CNC Driving School  is to provide quality and affordable driving lessons to students. In addition to on-site training, the school also offers online classes to teenagers. 

CNC Driving School offers defensive driving skills to maintain safe driving practices. The school also offers driving lessons for students of all ages.

Website: http://www.cncdrivingschool.com/

6. Beverly Driving School

Beverly Driving School is a driving lesson school located in Los Angeles. The school offers quality and affordable driving lessons to students. The objective of Beverly Driving School is to provide detailed-oriented, affordable and comprehensive driving courses to its students. 

Lessons provided by Beverly Driving School include: behind the wheel lessons, behind the wheel test, and online driver education class. The school is located at 3242 8th Street Unit No. 105 Los Angeles, CA 90005.

Website : http://www.beverlydriving.com/

7. Abel Driving School

The school is one of the top and most recommended driving schools in Los Angeles. It also has highly trained staff that share the same passion of teaching and coaching their students.

Abel Driving School offers professional driving instructions for teens, adults and seniors. The school is located at 1436 S. La Cienaga Blvd No. 206, Los Angeles, CA 90035.

Website: http://www.abeldrivingschool.com/

8. Oxford Driving School

Oxford  Driving School is another top driving institution in Los Angeles to consider attending. The school has been in service for over 15 years. It has helped over a thousand students in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas obtain their driver's licenses.

Oxford Driving School provides driving lessons for adults, driving lessons for teens, DMV Test Service, Traffic School, and Online Teen Driver's Ed.

Benefits of Oxford Driving School

  • Flexible Schedules
  • Free Pick-Up & Drop-Off
  • Licensed Instructors
  • Comfortable vehicles 
  • Private Lessons
  • Seriously safe for students

Website: http://www.gotoxford.com/

9. Ford Driving School

The school, located at California, is a driving school that provides quality, affordable and comprehensive driving courses to students around the country. Ford driving school also provides effective, entertaining and information driving classes to their students.

Ford driving school is located at 3111 Los Feliz Blvd Suite No 104 Los Angeles, CA 90037

Website: http://www.forddrivingschool.com/

10. Chase Driving School

Another driving school you would not want to miss is Chase Driving School. Chase Driving School provides students with affordable and comprehensive driving lessons to become professional drivers in the society.

Chase Driving School is located at 2369 Colorado Blvd No 206 Los Angeles, CA 9014.

Website: http://www.chasedriving.com/

11. A1 Driving and Traffic School

Another driving school in Los Angeles with quality driving education is the A1 Driving and Traffic School. The aim of the school is to provide quality driver training habits for teens and adults to help them become responsible courteous and accident free drivers.

A1 Driving School has the following advantages: low cost driving school packages, convenience, free drivers Ed online course, pass your DMV test with ease, and online traffic school.

A1 Driving and Traffic School is located at 11315 W. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90066.

Website: https://a1safedriver.com/

Other Top Driving Schools In Los Angeles

  1. Allied Driving School
  2. Ez WiLL Driving School
  3. BloomTech Driving School
  4. Urban Driving School
  5. LA Private Driving School
  6. ADVAN Driving School
  7. Vija Driving School
  8. Roland's Driving School
  9. Gihon Driving School 
  10. Melrose Driving School
  11. University Driving School
  12. GSF Truck & Bus Driving School
  13. King's Driving School
  14. Union Driving Schools LLC
  15. Behind the Wheel Driving School
  16. City Driving School
  17. South Bay Driving School
  18. Victory Driving School
  19. Olympic Driving School
  20. Charlie's Driving School 


There are other driving schools in Los Angeles with quality driving instructions which we could not add to the list in this post. We suggest you visit each school to learn more about their services such as fees and other relevant information.

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