Best Driving Schools In Harlem


 Are you in Harlem or any part of the country and are looking for the best driving school to attend? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have given an overview of some of the best driving schools in Harlem. Harlem is known to have some of the best driving schools in New York City.

Driving Schools In Harlem

Below are some of the popular schools in Harlem to attend driving classes

1. Harlem Driving School

Driving Schools In Harlem

It is one of the best driving schools to attend in Harlem. Harlem's driving school, located at 641 Malcolm x Blvd New York, has a mission to provide high quality education, convenient and also comprehensive drivers education at a very low cost. The most important part of the course is driving safety, and the goal of the school is to have graduates of its program with the safest driving records than any of their competitors.

Harlem driving school, with a team of very professional and experienced instructors and
managers, will be able to deliver the same level of products as the best competitor in the
industry. Their company possesses two competitive edge in the relations to its rivals, the first
one is the capability to create strategic alliance that reduces the cost of the school.

2. Cross Way Driving School

Another top school to attend driving lessons in Harlem is the Cross Way Driving School. As their student, they will provide you with the most comfortable vehicles and arrays of the 2016 and 2017 vehicle model.

They open seven days a week, and also you can pick a schedule that supports your
time and needs. Their instructors will be able to pick you up and drop you off right in your front
door. The aim of Cross Way Driving School is to  provide you with quality and affordable driving lessons. 

3. Akademia Driving School NYC

Akademia driving school, located at 1799 Lexington Ave New York, was established in 2008. The school actually combines expertise with low cost quality lessons. It has a very simple formula to its major success for 13 years. Many thousands of students have obtained their driving
license with their help.

During the training process they focus on forming good habits in their students, such as
signalling every time and looking at the blind spot when you are leaving the curb or changing lanes. As also be very aware of the potential hazards on the road, they will make sure that you
entirely master the five steps you must know to enable you pass the road test in New York City
with ease which are:
1. Leaving the curb
2. Turning and overtaking
3. Parking, backing and U-turn
4. Driving in gridlock
5. Vehicle control.


4. Easy To Learn Driving School

Easy to learn driving schools makes the process of learning to drive incredibly easy to learn and understand, It offers you from in-class learning to behind the wheel testing. 

Whether you are willing to take a written test or would like getting hand-on training behind a wheel, the school is the best place for you. Their instructors have many years of experience and have worked with numerous drivers of all levels.

5. Ferrari Driving School

Another driving school to learn driving skills in Harlem is the School of Ferrari. It is one of the largest driver training schools in New York City metropolitan area.

The school has professional driving instructors who are bilingual, college trained and NYS certified. Ferrari driving school has a large fleet of new, well maintained and dual controlled vehicles.


6.Trucker Driving School

Trucker driving school is a driving school located in Harlem. The objective of the school  is to teach their students how to become safe drivers, get the necessary driving skills needed to be able to obtain their license in order to become professional CDL drivers.

They provide car lessons as well as CDL lessons in order to obtain a B/BP license to become a
professional bus/ truck driver. Trucker driving school idea came as an inspiration to help the
people in the community to learn and be able to drive safely, and the opportunity to obtain their


Elegant Driving School

Elegant driving school, located at 50, will help you find relevant information on getting your
driver's license. They also have different services that they gladly offer. You can also take advantage of those special promotions  they have.

You will find different packages and pick the one that fits your needs or try one of their individual lessons. The school offers quality, affordable and comprehensive driving lessons to their students.


8. Grand Prix Driving School

Grand Prix Driving School, located at 806 Lexington Ave Apt 2 New York City, offers driving
instructions, MV-278 Hours, pre licensing course, road test and other services to the customers.
Their instructors are highly experienced to make sure of your driving success. They have a huge, modern and comfortable classroom.

It is a family-owned business that has been bent on providing safe driving instructions to New Norkers since 1991.


Other Driving Schools Near Harlem

  • VP Driving School
  • Yes You Can Driving School
  • Valentino Driving School
  • Jose Driving School
  • The Hudsun Brother Driving School
  • Empire State Driving School
  • Pagan Driving School
  • Jerome Auto Driving School
  • Elegant Driving School


We have listed some of the top driving schools in Harlem in this article. There are other quality schools in Harlem to attend driving lessons which we could not add to this list. We suggest you visit each school to know more about their services.

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