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                                         Best Ballet Schools In New York

Looking for the best ballet classes in New York? You have come to the right place. We have provided an overview of some of the best and highly rated ballet schools in New York in this article.

Ballet Schools In New York

Here is an overview of some of the popular ballet schools to attend ballet classes 

1. Joffrey Ballet School

Joffrey Ballet School is one of the top ballet schools in New York. The school is licensed by the New York State Education Department and accredited by the National Association of Schools.

The school offers a year-round training ground for pre-professional artists in a multitude of dance discipline. Joffrey Ballet School also offer Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Pilates/Stretch classes.


2. Chrystie Street Ballet Academy 

The school was originally founded in 2006 by Melissa Marotto with the mission to provide a professional ballet education to the youth in New York City. 

Chrystie Ballet Academy is committed to providing a professional dance education to students of all backgrounds and levels of experience in a nurturing and supportive environment.


3. School of American Ballet

Another top school that teaches ballet classes in New York is the School of American Ballet. The school has been the official training academy of the New York City Ballet.

School of American Ballet trains talented dancers from diverse backgrounds for professional careers in ballet while enriching the life of every student. School of American Ballet located at 70 Lincoln Center Pizza New York, NY 10025-6592


4. Ballet Academy East

It is one of the ballet schools in New York that teaches the best ballet classes. Ballet Academy East provides comprehensive dance training for beginners through professionals. 

Located in an epicenter of dance and culture, the academy is internationally recognized for its exceptional dance training. Ballet Academy East is your home for quality dance education.


5. New York Theater Ballet School

New York Theater Ballet School is another dance school in New York you will not like to miss. The school has produced, for adults and family audiences, dozens of classic masterpieces and contemporary ballets for over 40 years.

It is one of the ballet training schools in New York that offer comprehensive and quality dance education to students. New York Theater Ballet School provides small classic masterpieces and new contemporary works for students at an affordable price. 

6. American Liberty Ballet School

American Liberty Ballet School is a ballet training school located in New York. The school is one of the top institutions to attend ballet classes in New York. 

American Liberty Ballet School aims to provide a safe, affordable, clean, and professional environment for their students. The school also provides amenities such as stools, chairs, one Marley floor studio, Ballet Barres, sound system, private bathroom, WIFI, lobby and others to students.


7. French Academia of Ballet

French Academia of Ballet aims at providing quality, comprehensive and affordable ballet training to its students. The school has been in service since 2011.

Students at French Academia of Ballet not only learn dancing, but they learn about arts, ethics, and camaraderie. The school is located at 440 East 85th Street NY NY 10028.


8. Manhattan Ballet School

Another ballet school to consider when making your decision to attend ballet classes in New York is Manhattan Ballet School. The school is a a professional school dedicated to the traditions of the classical ballet in New York City. 

Manhattan Ballet School has been a source of inspiration for children to achieve creativity through the art of ballet for over 50 years.


9. Long Island City School of Ballet

The school is a ballet training school established in 2006 and is recognized today as one of the foremost dancer programs in Queens, New York. The school focuses on developing strong techniques and physical condition in their students while fostering an appreciation for the performing arts.

Students at Long Island City School of Ballet learn the values of hard work, attention to details, experience the pride of accomplishment and the joy of performing.

10. Ballet Tech School

Ballet Tech School is a public dance school located in New York. It is one of the top ballet schools that offer rigorous dance training necessary to fulfill and nurture students' intrinsic dance talents, all tuition free.

Ballet Tech School is considered one of the best schools to attend dancing classes in New York. 


11. SLK Ballet School

SLK Ballet School is a dancing school that provides ballet training to gifted young dancers. The school is located in New York.

The school training program is designed to prepare serious ballet students for a professional career in both classical and contemporary dance. The school runs from September into June.

12. Chen Dance Center

Chen Dance Center is a dancing school established in 1979 to serve the Asian-American and the New York community. In addition to dancing lessons, the center is also dedicated to presenting a robust annual educational programming to schools in the metropolitan area.

The mission of Chen Dance Center is to provide moving experiences in the Asian-American history through contemporary dance, artistic creation, arts education, and presentation.


14. Marth Graham School of Contemporary Dance 

It is one of the oldest professional ballet schools in the United States. Martha Graham School was founded by Marth Graham. The school offers full-time programs for intermediate and advanced pre-professional students as well as intensive Programs for adults and teens.

At Martha Graham, classes are taught by faculty who are current or former members of the Martha Graham Ballet Company, and who are trained with Marth Graham herself or with her first generation acolytes.


15. The Ballet Spot NYC 

Ballet Spot NYC is another top ballet school located in New York. The school is located between Amsterdam and Columbus. 

At the Ballet Spot School, all instructions are taught by professional dancers. The mission of the academy is to make the fitness and fun of ballet accessible to all. The school also provides quality, comprehensive and affordable ballet lessons to all of its students.


Other Ballet Schools In New York

  1. Cynthia King Dance Studio
  2. Dance Workshop
  3. Everyday Ballet
  4. Mark Morris Dance Group 
  5. PMT House of Dance
  6. The Ballet Club
  7. Steps On Broadway 
  8. Verterich Ballet Studio
  9. East Village Dance project
  10. AS Ballet New York Ltd
  11. Gibney 890 Broadway
  12. Brooklyn Ballet
  13. Queens School of Ballet
  14. Piel Canela New York Latin Dance School
  15. Rose Academy of Ballet
  16. All Stars Studios
  17. Cobble Hill Ballet
  18. Global Dance NYC
  19. Dance with Miss Rachel - UWS
  20. The Ailey Studios


The schools listed above are some of the Ballet Schools in New York. There are other dance schools in New York which we could not add to this list. I suggest you visit each school's website to learn more about their admission requirements, fees and other relevant information.

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