List of 11 Best Driving Schools in Oklahoma - 2023


                          Best Driving Schools in Oklahoma

Are you in Oklahoma and are are looking for the best driving school to attend? We got you. We have given an overview of some of the best driving schools in Oklahoma in this article. Oklahoma is known to have some of the best driving schools in the country. The city is one of the best places to get your driving lessons.

Driving Schools in Oklahoma

Below is an overview of some of the best driving schools in Oklahoma:

1. Merkley’s Driving School, Oklahoma City

Merkley's Driving School is among the best driving schools in Oklahoma City! They offer a range of driving lessons that are perfect for beginners, students, and people who are looking to brush up on their driving skills.

 They also offer a range of driving courses that allow students to gain special certifications, such as the "EAP" course for commercial drivers and the "EAP" course for non-commercial drivers.

Merkley's Driving School offers lessons with a range of vehicles, including luxury cars and SUVs,


2. Tactical Driving School

Tactical Driving School is one of the leading driving schools in United states. The school  is specifically open to help you reach your driving goals and become a better driver in the process.

The Tactical Driving School Oklahoma provides training in defensive driving, accident prevention, and how to handle traffic law situations.

They teach students how to defend themselves and their loved ones in the event of a traffic accident.


3. Apex Driving School LLC

Apex Driving School is a well-established driving school that offers a wide range of driving classes and lessons.

Now, Apex Driving School is also offering a convenient online program to help take the stress out of preparing for your comprehensive driving test.

When you enroll on their online course, you will receive a comprehensive outline of the test, including a breakdown of the different sections of the driving exam.

Note: only the test is taken online, but all others like practicing driving are one on one.


4. Brown’s Driving School

If you're Looking for a place to learn how to drive or how to get your driver's license? Brown’s Driving School provide you the best instructors to have your needs. 

 Brown's Driving School offers the best driving lessons in the whole state of Oklahoma! They believe that every student should have the opportunity to learn how to drive.  and the students should receive the best possible learning environment.

Brown's Driving School offer one on one driving lessons and they have professional instructors. Brown's Driving School is equipped with best driving equipment to provide the best learning experience possible.


5. Alert Driving School

Here is another school to pursue your driving carrier at ease.

Alert Driving School Oklahoma can help you become a better driver. the learning center provides driver education that is both affordable and convenient.

Alert Driving School offer numerous classes so you can find the class that is right for you. They also offer classes for students and experienced drivers alike. Whether you are looking to learn how to drive or just want to brush up on your skills, they are always available.

Alert Driving School has a learner's permit, standard permit, and a driver's license test prep course.

Alert Driving School are committed to providing a safe, fun, and entertaining driving school environment.


6. Dynamite Driving

Dynamite Driving School is the premier driving school in the US.  teaches you everything you need to know from the basics of driving to the most advanced driving techniques.

Dynamite Driving School offer a wide range of skill levels, so no matter what level of driver you are, they have a class that is right for you.

Dynamite Driving School offer a variety of opportunities for people to learn how to drive, including regular classes and their expedited driving classes.

Dynamite Driving School instructors are all professionals with years of experience. So, if you're looking for a reputable driving school that doesn't cut corners or make you feel pressured, Dynamite Driving School is the sure option.


7. Thomas Driving School

Thomas Driving School Oklahoma provides students with a great deal of value.

Their driving course is designed to teach students how to handle a car safely and efficiently, so they are better prepared for the real world.

they program is also designed to teach students about the importance of common sense and how to drive for the benefit of other and themselves.


8. Brown’s Driving School

The Brown's Driving School offers a professional, courteous and well-trained driving school with the highest possible of standards.

 With a wealth of experience, the school offers a superior driving education program. With the best in class driving instructors, the school is renowned for offering the most professional driving lessons in the industry.


9. Dave’s Driving School

Dave's Driving School is a school that provides quality instruction for students of all levels in driving.

Their instructors are all certified and trained to teach students the fundamentals of safe driving and to test students for their learner's permit and driver's license.

Dave's Driving School offer a variety of classes including driver's education, defensive driving, and driving test prep.

Dave's Driving School also offer specialized driving services for students with special needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.


10. Precision Driving School

When you want to improve your driving skills and keep your car on the road, you need the help of a professional.

At Precision Driving School, they offer a variety of driving classes that can help you improve your skills. A professional instructor who will show you the skills you need to become a safe driver and a good driver.

Professional-quality vehicle-specific training that will give you the skills you need to get your license and drive with confidence.


11. Merkley’s Driving School

This is another branch of Merkley’s Driving School located in Edmond, this school is among the top notch schools in Oklahoma, if you are planning to masters all aspect of driving, the school will be better place for you to start. The has been providing quality driving instruction for over 30 years in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Merkley's Driving School programs are designed to help students develop the skills needed to become an effective, safe, and responsible driver.

They offer a variety of driving lessons, from beginner classes to advanced driving techniques.



There are other quality driving schools in  Oklahoma which we could not mention. We suggest you visit each school to learn more about their services such as admission, fees and other relevant information.

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