How to Withdraw Money from Makro Credit Card



How to Withdraw Money from Makro Credit Card

 What is Makro credit card withdrawal limit? What is the best way to cash out from Makro credit card? Since you are here, it is obvious you are looking for ways to withdraw from your Makro credit card. In this article, we will teach you how to withdraw money from Makro credit card.

There are several people asking me how to withdraw from their Makro credit card online. Most people have accumulated a lot of rewards in their Makro credit card they wish to withdraw. Why does withdrawing directly to your Makro credit card a problem for many? In this article, we will learn everything about Makro credit card withdrawal.

What is Makro Credit Card?

Makro credit card is one of the popular online cards issued by the company (Makro credit card) to their customers. The aim of the card is to make buying of products at any of their stores across the country easier. Makro credit card is held by hundreds of people across South Africa and other countries where Makro credit card is available.

Makro credit card holders usually enjoy a wide range of benefits, including discounts on selected products at Makro shops. Users can enjoy up to 55 days interest-free credit. Continue reading to better understand how to withdraw from Makro credit card online.

How to Withdraw Money from Makro Credit Card

The truth about Makro credit card withdrawal is that customers cannot directly withdraw money from their credit card to bank account. Despite this unfortunate news, users who have money in your Makro credit card, you could not indirectly withdraw. One of the popular ways to indirectly withdraw from Makro RCS credit card is through cash back.

If you have cash in your Makro credit card you wish to withdraw, then visit or locate a Makro till point or Makro store near you. Once you get to the cashier, ask him or her to add Rand amount to whatever you are to purchase. Let the cashier understand you want cashback from your Makro credit card.

Buy a product worth your money and ask for a cashback from your change. For instance, if you are to buy a product worth R10 and your credit card worth is R100, you can ask the cashier to give you R90 cash back. Cashback is the only way to indirectly withdraw from Makro credit card.

The cashier will deduct the money from your credit card once you ask for cash back and give it to you. There are several Makro stores across the country to get cash back from. 

Makro Credit Card Application Requirements

To apply for your Makro credit card, all applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • He or she must be 18 years or more at the time of the application
  • Applicant must also hold a valid government issued ID
  • Also, having a job and earning not less than R2000 per month
  • Applicant must have a valid email address
  • He or she may be required to provide proof of income or bank statements

How to Apply for Makro Credit Card Online

Follow the steps below to apply for your Makro credit card online:

  • Visit the Makro website
  • Sign in or create your account if you are a new user
  • Tap on the "Apply" at the top of your dashboard to start your application
  • Enter your full name and other necessary documents and proceed 
  • Click on "Submit" to apply

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It is unfortunate we cannot directly withdraw money from Makro credit card to our bank account. The only indirect way to withdraw is through cash backs. We hope you have learnt everything here about Makro credit card withdrawal.

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