13 Best Delivery Companies In Ghana


12 Best Delivery Companies In Ghana

Looking for the best delivery companies in Ghana? You have come to the right place. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top delivery services in Ghana for you.

Delivery refers to transporting goods or cargo from one place to another. There are a lot of delivery companies in Ghana which have made life comfortable for the Ghanaian citizen.

Most delivery companies in Ghana transport goods or cargos such as electrical gadgets, cars, washing machines, home appliances, food, clothing and many more.

Benefits of Delivery Services In Ghana

Delivery services are important in Ghana for the following reasons:

Delivery companies make the ordering process faster and easier.

They provide an efficient system for order and customer management.

Delivery Services present a hassle-free and more cost-effective options

Another benefit of delivery services in Ghana is the, you can be able to track your packages online through online tracking code.

Full List of Delivery Companies In Ghana

Below is a list of some of the delivery companies available in Ghana.

  1. Sendiate Delivery Services
  2. Ghana Post
  3. Street Express 
  4. OAK Ghana Delivery Services 
  5. DHL Express, Ghana
  6. Kasi Express Delivery Services
  7. United Parcel Delivery Company
  8. Shield Runner Delivery Services
  9. IAS Ghana Limited
  10. Mediterranean Shipping Company
  11. Eagle Express
  12. Alex Shipping and Commercial Company
  13. FedEx, Ghana 

Sendiate Delivery Services

Sendiate is one of the top delivery platforms in Ghana. The platform has brought couriers offering hyperlocal delivery across Ghana to one platform. 

With Sendiate delivery services, users no longer need to open a different app for every package delivery. All you have to do is to open Sendiate and you will find all the cheapest and and fastest couriers nearby. Pick the one that suits you, place and order, track it until it reaches its destination. 

Ghana Post

It is number two in our list because it is considered one of the most popular delivery companies in Ghana. The company is responsible for almost all the delivery services in the country.

The company operates door to door delivery for gated communities and some other well laid communities. The company also provides services such as financial services, e-commerce/e-Services and courier services.

The services provided by Ghana Post are secure, reliable and flexible.

Website: https://ghanapost.com.gh/

OAK Ghana Delivery Services

It is a delivery company dedicated to taking care of all your delivery and courier needs in Ghana. It is a registered and licensed domestic courier and delivery company in Ghana.

Oak delivery company has a good reputation and is always available for its customers.The head office is located at CT 3246 Cantonment Accra, 00233 Accra, Ghana.

Mediterranean Shipping Company

The company has a good reputation in international delivery services which means you can deliver goods and packages outside Ghana safely without worries.

Another good thing about the delivery company is that, it is available in over 150 countries across the globe. This means you can deliver any goods or cargos to any country in the world through Mediterranean shipping company.

FedEx Delivery Services

FedEx is a worldwide delivery company which has one of its office located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. FedEx connects people with goods, services and ideas to create opportunities and improve lives.

One benefit of FedEx delivery services is that, there is free packaging, shipment tracking on the website, and customer-cleared service. Visit their website www.fedex.com to know more about their delivery services.

United Parcel Delivery Company

It is an American multinational shipping & receiving and supply chain management company founded in the early 20th century.

United Parcel is in over 200 countries and territories including Ghana with over 500,000 employees. The company provides one of the best delivery services in the world.

The company handles services such as cargo, export and import of small packages, ocean and air freight, courier services, custom brokerages and so many other.

Kasi Express

Kasi express is one of the fastest growing Courier and Logistics company in Ghana that supports both corporate and individual customers through the speedy delivery of parcels and packages throughout the country.

The company is located at 43, Ring Road Central, Nima, Accra (Greater Accra Region). The company is engaged in only food delivery services and Caribbean restaurants. With Kasi Express, you can get all your food deliveries in time at the comfort of your home.

DHL Express Delivery Company

DHL Express is another delivery company in Ghana. The company is available in over 200 countries and territories with over 300,000 employees.

DHL Express deliver integrated services and tailored solutions for managing and transporting letters, goods and information all over the world. The company boasts of being the world's leading logistics company.

Shield Runner Courier Services

Shield Runner is a courier service company in Ghana registered under Act 1962 in Ghana. The company provides courier services to individuals, educational complexes, hospitals, institutions, homes and many more.

Shield runner courier services aim at giving their customers professional, fuss free, time saving and secured services. The company boasts of being the number one choice for courier services in Ghana.

You can also find the head office at 20 Atta Mills Street, Ofankor- Accra.oe contact Shield Runner Courier Services on +233 (0) 206 721 428.

Alex Shipping and Delivery Company

The company is a leading logistics and distribution services established in 2009. Alex Shipping and Delivery Company offer a wide array of express courier and logistic support solutions to their various clients.

The company has over 400 employees and also provides services such as manufacturing, Telecommunication, financial services, Government Agencies and Oil & Gas.

Eagle Express

Eagle Express is a logistics service provider experienced in the management of courier/dispatch operations. The company is licensed by the Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission (PCSRC) to provide services within Ghana.

Eagle Express provides services such as manufacturing, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Education and others.


The above are some of the delivery companies in Ghana as at the time of writing this article. There are other delivery companies in Ghana which we could not include in this article.

To know more about each companies delivery services, costs and others, I suggest you visit their websites.

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