Top Insurance Companies in Ghana 2022/2023

Top Insurance Companies in Ghana

Looking for the top insurance companies in Ghana? You have come to the right place. Here, we have listed all the insurance companies in Ghana published by the National Insurance Commission of Ghana.

What is an Insurance plan/policy?
First of all, let's understand what insurance policy or plan is. An insurance policy is a contact or agreement between an individual and an insurance company. The individual is a policyholder and the insurance company is the provider.

Insurance companies also play an important role in Ghana's economy, although they may not be as flashy as investment companies or banks.

 Insurance companies come in different policy lines, from life to health, to property and casualty. Here, we are going to focus on all the companies listed by National Insurance Commission of Ghana.

The National Insurance Commission of Ghana, governed by Insurance Act 2006, Act 724 has published a list of life and non-life insurance companies in good shape in Ghana.

All Insurance Companies in Ghana

Below is a list of life and non-life insurance companies in Ghana.

Life Insurance Companies

  1. Alianz Life Insurance Ghana Ltd
  2. Beige Assure Company
  3. Donewell Life Insurance Company
  4. Enterprise Life Assurance LTD
  5. Esich Life Assurance Company LTD
  6. Exceed Life Assurance Company LTD
  7. First Insurance Company LTD
  8. Ghana Life Insurance Company
  9. Ghana Union Assurance Life Company
  10. Glico Life Insurance Company
  11. GN Life Assurance Company
  12. Hollard Life Assurance Company LTD
  13. Metropolitan Life Insurance Ghana Limited
  14. MiLife Company Limited
  15. Old Mutual Life Assurance Company Ghana
  16. Phoenix Life Assurance Company
  17. Prudential Life Assurance Company
  18. Quality Life Assurance Company
  19. Saham Life Insurance Ghana Limited
  20. SIC Life Company LTD
  21. Startlife Assurance Company LTD
  22. Vanguard Life Assurance Company Limited

Non-Life Insurance Companies

  1. Activa International Insurance Company-Ghana Limited
  2. Allianz Insurance Company GH. Ltd
  3. Bedrock Insurance Company Limited
  4. Best Assurance Company Limited
  5. Coronation Insurance Ghana Limited (Formerly known as Wapic Insurance Ghana Limited)
  6. Donewell Insurance Company Limited
  7. Enterprise Insurance Ltd
  8. Ghana Union Assurance LTD
  9. Glico General Insurance Company Limited
  10. Heritage Energy Insurance Company Limited
  11. Hollard Insurance Ghana Limited
  12. Imperial General Assurance Company Ltd
  13. Loyalty Insurance Company Limited
  14. Millennium Insurance Company Limited
  15. NSIA Insurance Company Limited
  16. Phoenix Insurance Company Limited
  17. Prime Insurance Company Limited
  18. Priority Insurance Company Limited
  19. Provident Insurance Company Limited
  20. Quality Insurance Company Limited
  21. Regency Nem Insurance Company Limited
  22. Saham Insurance Ghana Limited
  23. Serene Insurance Company
  24. SIC Insurance Company Limited
  25. Star Assurance Company Limited
  26. Sunu Assurances Ghana Limited
  27. Unique Insurance Company Limited
  28. Vanguard Assurance Company Limited


  1. Ghana Reinsurance PLC
  2. GN Reinsurance Company Limited
  3. Mainstream Reinsurance
  4. Insurance Brokers
  5. Africa Sureties and Insurance Advisory Company Limited
  6. AG Associates
  7. Akoto Risk Management
  8. Allied Insurance Brokers
  9. AllStar Insurance Brokers
  10. All Risks Consultancy Limited
  11. Alpha Insurance Brokers
  12. Alhet Insurance Brokers Limited
  13. Anchor Premier Brokerage Limited
  14. A P & L Consult Limited
  15. ARB Insurance Brokers Limited
  16. Ark Insurance Brokers Company
  17. Ascoma Ghana Limited
  18. Asterix Brokers Limited
  19. Baobab Brokers Limited
  20. Banbo Brokers Limited
  21. Boaitey & Associates Insurance Brokers Limited
  22. Benefits Insurance Brokers
  23. Beulah Insurance Brokers Limited
  24. Byllwych Insurance Brokers Limited
  25. Cardinal Insurance Brokers Limited
  26. Ceris International Limited
  27. CLAIM Limited
  28. Corporate Trust Insurance Brokers
  29. Cover Universal Insurance Brokers
  30. Crown Insurance Brokers
  31. Danniads Limited
  32. Dezaq Insurance Brokers
  33. Double D & M
  34. Dynamic Insurance Brokers
  35. Edward Mensah, Wood & Associates
  36. Eureka Insurance Brokers
  37. Excel Insurance Brokers Limited
  38. Expertise Ghana Insurance Brokers Limited
  39. Felin Insurance Brokers Limited
  40. First Anchor Risk Management
  41. Functions Risk Management
  42. GBL Insurance Brokers
  43. GG+B Partners Brokerage Limited
  44. Goodwill Insurance Brokers Limited
  45. Ghana International Insurance Brokers
  46. Global Impact Insurance Brokers (GH) Ltd.
  47. Glow Insurance Brokerage Limited
  48. GoldLink Insurance Brokers
  49. Goldstart Insurance Brokerage
  50. Horizon Insurance Brokers Limited
  51. Ideal Insurance Brokers Limited
  52. Ideal Insurance Brokers Limited
  53. Insurance Centre of Excellence
  54. Inter-Africa Brokers Limited
  55. Insurance Consultancies Int. Limited
  56. Insurance Solutions Limited
  57. Insurance Management Services Limited
  58. IRisk Management Limited
  59. J in G Insurance Brokers Limited
  60. KAV Insurance Brokers Limited
  61. K & A Insurance Brokers Limited
  62. KEK Insurance Brokers Limited
  63. Kols and Hols Insurance Brokers & Management Consultants
  64. Liberty Insurance Brokers Limited
  65. Lordship Insurance Brokers Limited
  66. Merite Insurance Brokers Limited
  67. Metrix Brokerage Limited
  68. Midas insurance Brokers Limited
  69. Multinational Insurance Brokers Limited
  70. NDL Insurance Consult
  71. Novelty Insurance Brokers Limited
  72. Oak Insurance Brokers
  73. Ogyeaman Insurance Brokerage
  74. OLEA M&G Insurance Brokers Limited
  75. Pacific Insurance Brokers Limited
  76. Planwell Insurance Brokers Limited
  77. Progressive Insurance Service Limited
  78. Premier Brokers & Consultants
  79. Prudent Insurance Brokers Limited
  80. Rellius Insurance Brokers Limited
  81. Ringfence Insurance Brokers Company Limited
  82. Resolute Insurance Brokers Limited
  83. Ringfence Insurance Brokers Company Limited
  84. Riscovery Limited
  85. Risk Solutions Limited
  86. Risk Management and Advisory Services Limited
  87. Risk Parners Limited
  88. Rudder Insurance Brokers Limited
  89. Safeguard Insurance Brokers Limited
  90. Saviour Insurance Brokers & Consultants
  91. Sealand Insurance Brokers Limited
  92. Security Insurance Brokers
  93. Shield Insurance Brokers Limited
  94. SpotOn Insurance Brokers Limited
  95. Strategic Insurance Consult Limited
  96. Supreme Trust Insurance Brokers Limited
  97. Titan Insurance Brokers Limited
  98. Trans-National Brokers Limited
  99. Trinity Insurance Brokers Limited
  100. Tri-Star Insurance Services Limited
  101. UGroup Limited
  102. Universal Insurance Consultants Limited
  103. Visal Insurance Brokers
  104. Willis Tower Watson Ghana Limited
  105. Worldwide Insurance Brokers Limited
  106. Westom Insurance Brokerage Limited
  107. Aseda Insurance Brokerage Limited
  108. Arete Insurance Brokers Limited
  109. AROD Insurance Brokers Limited
  110. Hedge Risk Consult
  111. Wing-Height Insurance Brokers Limited

Reinsurance Brokers

Afro-asian Reinsurance Brokers Ghana Limited
KEK Reinsurance Brokers (Africa) Limited
Global Reinsurance Brokers Limited
Visal Reinsurance Brokers Limited
IRisk Reinsurance Brokers Limited

Loss Adjuster

Manyo-Plange Associates
Maxmens Loss Adjusters
RCH Loss Adjusters

Benefits of Insurance

  • One of the most prominent and crucial benefits of insurance is to cover against uncertainties
  • Another benefit of insurance is that, it acts as an investment opportunity
  • Also, insurance reduces stress during difficult times
  • With insurance plan, you enjoy unlimited peace of mind knowing very well that in case of unforeseen event, you and your family are financially covered.

To read more about Insurance Companies in Ghana, visit Ghana Insurance Commission website here National Insurance Company of Ghana

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