54 Travel insurance companies in Ghana



54 Travel insurance companies in Ghana

Looking for the best travel insurance companies in Ghana? You are on the right spot. After thorough research, we have come out with a list of some of the top travel insurance companies in Ghana.

What is Travel Insurance?

First of all, let's look at what travel insurance is. Travel insurance is the type of insurance designed to protect against the costs and risks that could arise as a result of travelling. Travel insurance covers unforeseen losses while traveling in or outside the country.

Travel insurance should be one of the most important requirement before planning a trip in Ghana. Unfortunately, the majority of the people in Ghana do not take travel insurance seriously. According to some  report, most Ghanaian do not even know what travel insurance is.

Benefits of travel insurance in Ghana

Below are some of the advantages of Travel Insurance in Ghana

1.Travel insurance protects you against travel losses such as checked-in baggages, loss of passport etc.

2. Another benefit of travel insurance is that you will be compensated against accidents or medical treatment cost that may incur during your journey.

3. Travel insurance also gives you peace of mind while travelling because you know that should anything happen, you are covered

List of Travel Insurance Companies in Ghana

  1. Allianz Insurance Company Ghana LTD - Accra
  2. Hollard Insurance Ghana Limited - Accra
  3. SUNU Assurances Ghana Limited - Accra
  4. Vanguard Assurance Company Limited - Accra
  5. Unique Insurance Company Limited - Accra
  6. Tri-Star Insurance Services Limited - Accra
  7. BestQuote Ghana LTD - Accra
  8. SIC Insurance Company Limited - Accra
  9. Millennium Insurance Company Limited - Accra
  10. Loyalty Insurance Company Limited - Accra
  11. Starlife Assurance - Accra
  12. Progressive Insurance Service Limited - Accra
  13. Ghana Union Assurance Co. Ltd - Accra
  14. Enterprise Insurance Company Limited - Accra
  15. Phoenix Insurance Company Limited - Accra
  16. Safeguard Insurance Brokers - Accra
  17. Enterprise Life Insurance Company - Ac cra
  18. Prudential Life Assurance Company Limited - Accra
  19. Prime Insurance Company Limited - Accra
  20. AKWABA Insurance - Accra
  21. RegencyNem Insurance (Ghana) LTD - Accra
  22. Focus Insurance Brokers Limited - Accra
  23. First Anchor Risk Management Limited - Accra
  24. Insurance Management Service - Accra Limited
  25. Activa Insurance Airport Office - Accra
  26. Vanguard Assurance Company Ltd - Sunyani
  27. Shield Insurance Brokers - Spintex
  28. Midas Insurance Brokers - Tema
  29. Prudential Life Insurance Danquah Branch
  30. Star Assurance - Spintex Branch
  31. Enterprise Insurance - Achimota
  32. Secure Travel and Tours
  33. Old Mutual Life Assurance Company
  34. Global Insurance Advisors
  35. Enterprise Insurance - Lapaz
  36. Quality Insurance Company Limited (QIC) - Tema
  37. Vanguard Assurance Company Limited - Tamale
  38. Vanguard Assurance Adenta Branch - Madina
  39. Edward Mensah, Wood & Associates - Accra
  40. Kenpong Travel and Tours - Ghana
  41. Eno's Travels
  42. Star Assurance Danyame branch - Kumasi
  43. Kumasi travel agency
  44. Kingsair Travel and Tours - Accra Office
  45. Joylink Travel Consults Ltd
  46. Travel Matters Limited
  47. Enterprise Insurance - Tamale
  48. Travel Time Africa - Accra
  49. Router Travel and Tour Company Limited
  50. Deradec Executive Travel and Tour - Accra
  51. Jex Travel and Tour LTD - Accra
  52. INA Travel and Tours - Accra
  53. Standard Chartered TravelSafe Insurance
  54. Justmax travel insurance

What's the best Travel Insurance Company in Ghana?

While we may not be able to tell the best travel insurance company in Ghana, it is good you do a lot of research before choosing your travel insurance agency. Just like every other sector, some travel insurance companies provide better service than others. Therefore, read a lot of reviews about each company before doing any business with them.


The above are some of the insurance companies in Ghana. It is obvious we might have not captured all the insurance companies, but those listed above are included in some of the most popular insurance companies in Ghana.

Also note that, the article is for educational purpose, and not to downgrade some of the insurance companies in Ghana.

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