Top agribusiness companies in Ghana



Top agribusiness companies in Ghana

Looking for the top agribusiness companies in Ghana? We are here for you. In this article, we are going to list some of the most popular agribusiness companies in Ghana.

What is agribusiness?

Before we proceed, let's see what agribusiness is. Agribusiness is a term use to mean any business related to farming and farming-related commercial activities. Agribusiness is a combination of the term "agriculture" and "business"

Ghana is one of the countries in Sub-Saharan region with a lot of agribusiness companies. Continue reading to see some of the top agribusiness companies in Ghana.

List of Agribusiness companies in Ghana

Top agribusiness companies in Ghana

Below is a list of agribusiness companies in Ghana and their contacts

Orchard Industrial Company Limited - 0207399805

Samak Agribusiness Ltd (

Ghana Agribusiness Centre - 0501342002

Organic Trade & Investment (OTI) - 0266225863

Onpoint Moi Limited - 0501202777

Agritech Ghana Limited - 0556977582

SocialFarm Ghana - 0201468190

Complete Farmer - 0201468190

Dante Agricultural Services - 0557299921

Yara Ghana Limited - 0540101712

Green Gold Farm Ghana Limited

Agricultural manufacturing group limited - 0302778934

G-Fiavor agricultural services - 0548971428

Consgent Agricultural Company Limited

Groital Farms - 0201468190

West Africa Agro-Tech Company Ghana LTD (WAATCO) - 0302782014

Agro Africa Limited - 0302968828

Agromonti Company Limited - 0248947306

Green Gold Farm Ghana Limited -

TROTRO Tractor Limited - 0501583979

Ansu Pramag Farms Ltd-Drobo

Amank Agriculture & Equipment Ltd

Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP) - 0242435900

Greeroot Farm Estate

West Africa Agro-Tech Company Ghana LTD (WAATCO) - 0243574533

Tech 9 Agrochemical and Peat Control Services (Accra-Ghana)

Babarto Farming Company -

Ghana Agribusiness Centre - 0501342002

Dizengoff Ghana Limited - 0277565405

Agricultural manufacturing group limited - 0302778934

Chrematin Agro Company Limited - 0592299761

Kwidex - 0572260481

Agro Kings limited - 0572260481

Ghana Commercial Agriculture - 0572260481

QET Organic Farms and Consult

International Fertilizer Development Center - 0560027917

Brazil Agro-business Group limited

Harmony Agro-business Services

TechShelta Hilltop Greenhouse Village - 0552570701

Career Opportunities in Agribusiness

Top agribusiness companies in Ghana

Here are some opportunities in agribusiness in Ghana

Farm manager

Grain merchandiser 

Farm management specialist for agricultural extension

Sales manager

Commodity trader

Agriculture market advisor

Logistics manager at food processing firm

Grain trader

Food company manager

Portfolio manager at agricultural investment firms

Dairy economist

Benefits of Agribusiness in Ghana

  • Agribusiness helps in poverty reduction and women empowerment especially in countries like Ghana
  • It is a source of employment most particularly in rural communities
  • Agribusiness also plays a role in the economic growth of Ghana
  • It also contributes in food security and sustainable food production in the country.

How to start Agribusiness in Ghana

  • Get an idea on the type of products or services to sell. The cost of equipment, land and other necessary expenses
  • Get a loan or financial assistance from the bank or any other financial institution. 
  • Get a business license or certificate from the Registrar General's Department (RGD).
  • Another tip for establishing agribusiness in Ghana is to develop a market plan. Solid market plan is an important strategy in managing agribusiness in Ghana.
  • Also, after establishing your market plan, the next is to hire workers or employees. Agribusiness is not a one-man job. It requires a lot of hardworking people.

Note: In as much as we tried to list all the agribusiness companies in Ghana here, there have always been new emerging companies every single day. Therefore, we cannot guarantee we have all the list of agribusiness companies in Ghana here.

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