Fire Service Training Schools in Ghana

Fire Service Training Schools in Ghana

Looking for the top fire service training schools in Ghana? You have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of fire service training schools in Ghana in this article.

The Ghana National Fire Service is committed to providing an efficient and Valued die and rescue service to meet statutory required in Act 537 and public expectation.

Fire service personnel undergo a high degree of technical training in Ghana.

Below are list of Fire Service Training Schools in Ghana

Ghana National Fire Service Training School, Accra

How many fire service training schools are in Ghana?

Currently there is only one fire service training school in Ghana which is located in Accra.

The Ghana National Fire Service has announced in April, 2022 that it will establish fire fighting colleges and  training schools in about 7 regions of Ghana. (Source)

How to apply for Fire Service Training School in Ghana

To apply for firefighters academy, click on their website here and follow all the procedures.

How long does Ghana Fire Service Training take?

The fire service training takes a maximum period of 18 months for regular career course (RCC) officer cadet and 6 months for the short service and special duties commission (SSC/SD) officer cadets.

What are the requirements for becoming a firefighter in Ghana?

  • Applicant must be a citizen and resident of Ghana
  • Candidates must also have at least Five Credits in SSCE/WASSCE, including core English, Core Maths or Social/Integrated Science, and any other Five Credits in Electives
  • Applicant must not be less than 18 years of age and not more than 26 years of age for non tradesman at the time of application
  • He/She must have no criminal record and must also be of good character
  • Applicant must also be physically and medically fit by fire service standards
  • He/She must also be of a minimum height of 173cm and 163cm for Mal and females respectively

How much is Fire Service workers salary in Ghana?

A person working as a firefighter in Ghana earns around GHS2,500 per month. Salary ranges from GHS 1,500- GHS4,500 depending on your qualification and experience.

Why are firefighters necessary in Ghana?

  • Firefighters helps save lives by preventing and extinguishing fires
  • Another benefit of being a firefighter is that, you save properties. Though life matters than property, but property is not unimportant.
  • Firefighters also plays a role in educating the public of fire safety and CPR
  • Firefighters ensure the safety of the environment by trying to contain wildfires


Before you apply to become a firefighter in Ghana, know that firefighting is a very highly skilled profession. Your primary purpose is to serve and protect the community. You must also be physically fit enough function in the work. As a firefighter, you must maintain a high fitness level.

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