Gold Investment Companies in Ghana



Gold Investment Companies in Ghana

Looking for the best gold investment companies in Ghana? You have come to the right place. Investing in gold is one of the best investment plans ever. Investing in gold in Ghana is still a profitable business.

Here, we are going to list some of the best licensed gold investment companies in Ghana to consider.

Best Gold Investment Companies in Ghana

Below are some of the popular companies to invest in gold and their locations in the country:

1. AngloGold Ashanti Ltd

AngloGold is an independent, global gold mining company with a diverse, high quality portfolio of operations across nine countries on four continents.

AngloGold Ashanti Ltd has its head office in South Africa. Alongside gold, the company also produces silver and sulphuric acid as by-products.

To invest in AngloGold mining company, you need to have a long term investment strategy.

2. GoldLine investment company

GoldLine investment company is a wholly owned Ghanaian company registered under laws of Ghana. GoldLine investment company is recognized internationally with a number of subsidiaries and renowned partners. Alongside gold, GoldLine also operates in several industries such as construction, agriculture, crude oil etc.


57 Lapaz Main Road.

P.O Box MS 114,

Achimota Accra, Ghana

Contact or Email

(+233) - 240-169-569

3. Asante Gold Corporation

Asante Gold Corporation is one of the most popular gold investment companies in Ghana. It is a gold exploration and development company with a high quality portfolio of projects in Ghana, Africa's largest and safest gold producer. 

Head Offices



Suite 615-800 West Pender Street

V6C 2V6

Vancouver - Canada

Telephone: +1-604-558-1134

Toll free: +1-877-339-7525


 17 Jungle Avenue

East Legon

Accra - Ghana

Telephone - (+233) 0200000000


4. Newcore Gold

Newcore Gold is one of the best gold investment companies in Ghana. The head office is located in Vancouver, Canada.

The company offers investors a unique combination of top-tier leadership and prime exploration opportunities in one of the world's most attractive gold jurisdictions.

Why invest in Newcore Gold company?

  • Newcore is number one in Africa for gold, proven, and stable jurisdiction, known for big, successful mines and government support
  • The company is one of the largest mineral property landholders in southern Ghana
  • The company is safe, reliable and secure
  • It is a top-tier record of making money for stakeholders

Other Companies Licensed to deal in Gold in Ghana are 

  1. Adfat company Limited
  2. A.G.B company Limited
  3. Aisibico Limited
  4. Akku Resources GH Limited
  5. Ampsel Commodities Limited
  6. Arima Intra Ghana Limited
  7. Asanska Jewelry Limited
  8. A.U Resources Limited
  9. Blue Magma Limited
  10. Bullion City Limited
  11. Franko Gold Limited
  12. Gold Crest Refinery Limited
  13. Gold Empire Resources Limited

To read more on some of the licensed gold operation companies in Ghana, click here Mining companies in Ghana

Benefits of Investing in Gold in Ghana

  • One of the benefits of Gold investment is that gold investment acts as a hedge against inflation. 
  • By investing in gold, you have multiple options to choose. That's you have multiple options to choose from. It could be physical, virtual or online investment
  • Gold investment helps diversify your portfolio there by reducing your investment risk
  • Another benefit of Investing in gold is high liquidity.  With gold, you can find buyers easily for physical gold and gold you owned in the form of digital gold or gold ETFs.


There are several ways to invest in gold in Ghana. You could buy the metal itself, buy gold fund or buy gold options. Investing in gold does not necessarily mean the physical gold like coins or bullion. You can invest in gold by buying shares of gold mining companies or gold exchange-traded funds. 

Another way is by trading options and futures contracts.

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