Best investment banks in Ghana

Best investment banks in Ghana

 Looking for the best investment banks in Ghana? You have come to the right place. A lot of people with investment plan want to know which are the top investment banks in Ghana. In this article, we are going to list some of the top investment banks in Ghana.

What is an investment bank?

First of all, let's take a look at what an investment bank is. An investment bank is a bank that provides services to large corporations and institutional investors. Investment banks provide a variety of financial services to individuals, corporations and government entities.

List of Investment Banks in Ghana

In Ghana, there are more than 10 investment banks. Below is a list of some of the investment banks in Ghana.

  1. National Investment Bank
  2. First National Bank
  3. Ecobank Ghana
  4. Societe Generale bank
  5. Standard Chartered bank
  6. Access bank Ghana
  7. Stanbic Bank Ghana
  8. Calbank Ghana
  9. United Bank for Africa (UBA) bank
  10. Absa (formerly known as Barclays) bank
  11. Fidelity bank Ghana
  12. Agricultural Development Bank (ADB)
  13. Omni Bank

National Investment Bank

Best investment banks in Ghana

When it comes to investment in Ghana, National Investment Bank is one of the coolest banks to buy treasury bills from. The bank's one of the oldest and lasting banks in Ghana.

 NIB buys treasury bills on behalf of its customers, issued by the government of Ghana. The bank has lucrative investment packages for its customers.

NIB operates in a risk-free securities. The bank's Treasury bills are short-to-medium term investment which require low start up capital and therefore allow a wide array of investors to partake.

NIB Investment Packages

Fixed Deposits

It is one of the lucrative investment packages offered by the bank. If you want to save for a specific period of time with maturity ranging from 1 to 12 months and over, then this is the best package for you. 

With fixed deposit, interest can be competitive, negotiated and calculated on daily basis.

Call Deposits

Call deposits are another lucrative investment packages. These are investment available to customers interested in making cash lodgement for an unspecific period whilst attracting high returns.

Funds Management & Custodial Services

The bank also allows clients tod get funds periodically which are invested and managed to attract high returns

Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds

The bamk buys Treasury securities as released by the government of Ghana on behalf of their customers. These securities have a very lucrative returns and are mostly risk-free for clients.

First National Bank

Best investment banks in Ghana

First national bank, which is also known as First National Bank Ghana Limited, is a commercial bank in Ghana licensed by the bank of Ghana.

First National Bank Investment Packages

32 Day Interest Plus

The 32 Day investment plans is meant for short-term clients who want to invest. With this investment plan, you are able to withdraw your money after 32 days. Minimum deposit is Ghs100.

Fixed Deposits

This is another investment packages where the client can deposit a sum of money for a fixed period of time at a fixed rate of interest.

Call Deposit

Here, the client or customer is allowed to make additional deposits at any time.

7 Day Notice Deposit

This particular investment package is designed to give short-term investors great returns.

Flexi Fixed Account

This investment plan comes with a lot of benefits of a fixed investment term but with flexibility.

Ecobank Investment

Best investment banks in Ghana

Ecobank is another bank with lucrative investment in packages in Ghana. Ecobank offers you the opportunity to invest in funds that traditionally have been available to large companies.

Ecobank has a lot of investment packages for individuals and companies. The most popular investment package is the Ecobank Tbill4all. The Tbill4all is a mobile -money based investment service that allows Ghanaians to buy and manage government of Ghana Treasury Bills on their mobile phones.

How Does Ecobank Tbill4all work?

  •  Dial *170# on your phone
  • Enter option 5 for financial services
  • Enter option 4 for Pension and Investment
  • Select 2 to buy Treasure Bills
  • Choose option 2 (Register)
  • Enter your personal information
  • Choose Tenure and Amount
  • Enter your next of kin
  • Select 1 to proceed with payment
  • Enter your MoMo pin

Once it's successful, you will be sent a message congratulating you.

Societe Generale bank

Societe Generale is another bank with lucrative investment packages for individuals and companies in Ghana.

The bank offers investment products and services designed to meet risk coverage needs. Investment opportunities are available to clients at a competitive and attractive interest rates.

Visit any Societe Generale branch in the country to know more about their investment plans. You can also call Societe Generale customer care on +233 (0)302-214314 to book an appointment.

Stanbic Bank Investment

The bank is one of the leading banks in Ghana when it comes to investment. Stanbic Bank has lucrative business for individuals who want a short or long-term investment plans.

Stanbic Bank Investment Packages

  1. Stanbic Income Fund Trust 
  2. Stanbic Cash Trust Fund
  3. Individual Fund Management
  4. ContractSave Savings Account

Visit any Stanbic bank Ghana branch to know more about their investment packages.

Standard Chartered bank Investment

The bank helps you manage your your wealth by offering you options investing in either mutual funds or fixed income assets such as securities. 

Features of Standard Chartered Bank Investment Packages

  • Mutual funds offer an affordable access to a range of assets and markets to match your risk profile and financial goals
  • You can invest in mutual funds as low as low as GHS1000.00
  • The bank's Investment Advisors and Fund Managers will help enhance your investment portfolios
  • You can also achieve diversification by investing in different bonds accross different regions.
  • Diversify by also investing in different type of bonds such as onshore, offshore, corporate and government bonds.

Fidelity bank Investment

Fidelity bank investment accounts are made for the future and for rainy days according to your investment capacity.

Fidelity bank has lucrative investment opportunities for individuals and companies. 

Fidelity Investment Packages

1. Fidelity Lifestyle Investment Plan (FLIP GHS Account)


  • Start as low as GHS50
  • No withdrawal fees upon maturity
  • Account holder eligible for a FLIP Loan up to 90% of the total FLIP investment
  • FLIP account can be funded through Fidelity bank savings and current account
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid quarterly

Other Fidelity Investment Packages are

  • Fidelity Reserve Account
  • Fidelity Bright Kids Account
  • Fidelity Easy Save Account
  • The FLIP USD
  • Fidelity Smart Account
  • Fidelity SMART Goal Account
  • Fixed Term Deposit

Access Bank Investment

Access bank one of the best investment banks in Ghana with a good investment packages. Access bank has both short and long-term investment packages.

Access bank investment packages

  • Early Savers Account
  • Solo Account
  • Gold Account
  • Goal Account
  • Hujjaj Account
  • Premier Savings Account
  • Instant Savings Account

Click Access Bank Savings and Investment to read more on Access bank investment packages.

ADB bank

Best investment banks in Ghana

The bank has lucrative investment opportunities for its client. The bank offers short-term, mid-term and long-term investment plans for customers. The bank also offers Business and Institutional Investment Plus (B.I.I.P), Personal Investment Plus and Pensions Plus.

Features of ADB Personal Investment Plus (P.I.P)

  • Applicant must open a current or savings account with the bank
  • Open a P.I.P account with initial deposit of GHS200, and a monthly contribution of GHS50 
  • No remitter account required
  • Interest withdrawal is allowed on quarterly basis

Features of Business and Institutional Investment Plus (B.I.I.P)

  • Open a B.I.I.P account 
  • Letter of intent to open a B.I.I. account
  • Initial deposit of GHS500.00
  • Public/Private/NGO
  • Monthly contribution of GHS100 or more

Benefits of Investing in Ghana

  1. One of the best reasons for investing is to save for retirement. The more you invest, the more money you save for your retirement
  2. Investing your money can also allow you to grow your money.
  3. Another benefit of investing is that it helps you stay ahead of inflation
  4. Another reason to invest is that it helps you meet other financial goals.
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