6 Best investment opportunities for students in Ghana


                                   6 Best investment opportunities for students in Ghana

Looking for investment opportunities for students in Ghana? Then you have come to the right place. Investment is one of the best decisions to take as a student in Ghana. We are going to guide you on best investment opportunities for students in Ghana.

Most students go through a lot of financial challenges in school especially those with poor financial background. Some have to hustle to get money to pay for their school fees themselves.

The worst news is that most students don't even know their fate after graduation. This is because the unemployment rate is on the rise in the country. Therefore, the best decision to take as a student is to start investing for your future. College is a great time to start investing.

Investment Opportunities for Students in Ghana

Here are the best investment opportunities for students in Ghana

  • Online Business
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Investment or Savings Account
  • Farming and Agriculture
  • Investment Apps
  • ICT Business Ideas

1.Online Business

Online business investment is number one in our list because it is the most profitable and lucrative business to consider as a student in Ghana. 

There are a couple of online investment opportunities for students to consider  in Ghana.

Here are some of the best online businesses to invest in as a student in Ghana

  • Blog
  • YouTube Channel
  • Affiliate Marketing Program
  • Social Media Manager (TikToker, Facebook Page, etc)

As a student in Ghana, investing in one of the above mentioned businesses is auspicious. I will advise you go for a blog if you like to write. Most successful bloggers earn between ghc1,000 to ghc5,000 per month in Ghana.

After successfully creating your blog, you will start earning decent money in less than a year if you really know what you are doing.

Also note that, all of the aforementioned investment opportunities will fail if you do not maintain consistency and perseverance.

2. Cryptocurrency Investment

Cryptocurrency is another excellent investment option for students in Ghana. I believe this may not be the first time you have heard about Bitcoin trading.

Cryptocurrency trading is on the rise in Ghana even though it is not officially recognize as a currency in the country. As a student looking for investment opportunities in Ghana, it will be excellent to learn more about cryptocurrencies.

The best Cryptocurrency to invest in is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that can be transferred on the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network. It is a Cryptocurrency that is trusted by millions of people worldwide.

As at now, 1 Bitcoin is worth GHS230,681.78. Bitcoin is therefore a good investment opportunity for a student in Ghana.

You can invest in Cryptocurrency with less than GHS10. All you need to do is to find a reliable crypto trading platform to buy your Bitcoin.

There are a lot of free platforms to earn Bitcoin for free.

3. Investment or Savings Account

One of the simplest ways to give your savings a boost is to open investment or Savings account. There are a lot of banks in Ghana where you can start investing as a student. Make sure the bank is closer to the school

Some of the banks give you the opportunity to withdraw anytime while still saving. According to some sources, Ecobank has the highest interest rates in Ghana. There are also a couple of online investment companies where you can start your investment.

4. Investment Apps

Another  way to invest as a student in Ghana is through an investment app. There are so many investment apps to to start with in Ghana.

It takes less than GHC50 to get started.

5. Farming and Agriculture

Investing in agriculture as a student in Ghana is also one of the best ways to earn decent cash in future. 

According to reports, agriculture is seen as a profession for the illiterate in Ghana. It is for this reason that many, especially students are reluctant to invest in it. Well, the good news is that, agriculture is one of the most profitable business in Ghana.

Agriculture accounts for about 20% of the nation's GDP, yet receives the least investment. 

I personally know a friend who started animals production when we were in school. He started with 1 ram and 2 ewes. Currently, he's a proud owner of more than 150 sheep.

6. ICT related investment

ICT has already become the basics of knowledge in today's world. Investing in ICT is on the rise in the world today. 

As a student in Ghana, investing in ICT related stuffs could be a big win for you. Some of these ICT investment opportunities are internet cafe, web design, printing press, graphic design and so on.

Why you should invest as a student

  • One of the best reasons to invest as a student is to gain financial independence. Gaining financial independence is  up to you, and you need to learn how to manage your own money. Having a personal stake in investment can help you achieve a sense of pride in your financial future.
  • Secondly, investing as a student makes you ahead of your colleagues. Your finances may be unstable at some point, but by investing early, you will be prepared to face such hardship.
  • Investing as a student also helps improve your spending habits. How you spend your money will be greatly monitored. 

Tips to remember before you start investing as a student in Ghana

  • Know the right type of investment for you
  • Keep on Researching until you find the right investment opportunity
  • Decide the level of risk you can live with because investment can sometimes be risky and scary.


The above are some of the investment opportunities for students in Ghana. Most students in Ghana are intimidated and assume that investing is too complicated and hard. I see this to be a great misconception. Investing as a student in Ghana is simple and easy to start with. All you need to do is to sign up with an investment bank or company and you are good to go.

Fortunately, you don't need thousands of Ghana cedis to begin. You can invest as low as GHS50 as a student in Ghana.

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