Manufacturing Companies in Ghana


Manufacturing Companies in Ghana

There are significant number of manufacturing Companies In Ghana. Here, you are going to learn some of the manufacturing industries in Ghana. 

Manufacturing companies are industries responsible for the creation of new products, either from raw materials or components. These include shoe makers and tailors, automotive companies, bakeries and others.

Manufacturing Companies In Ghana

Below is a list of some of the top manufacturing industries in Ghana.

  1. Kasapreko Company Limited
  2. Jospong Group of Companies
  3. Twellium Industrial Company
  4. PZ Cussons Ghana Limited
  5. Interplast Limited
  6. Printex
  7. Kane-EM Industries
  8. Alrayan Industries Company Limited
  9. De United Foods Industries Ghana LTD
  10. Saltpond Packaging Manufacturing Company Ghana LTD
  11. EverPack Ghana Limited
  12. BRAGHa Company Limited
  13. Frutelli Company Limited Ghana
  14. GILSAN Manufacturing Company Limited
  15. Ghana Rubber Products
  16. PolyTanks Ghana Limited 
Kasapreko Company Limited

Kasapreko is a manufacturing company in Ghana that produces herbal based alcoholic and non-alcoholic products. The company was founded in 1989 with the niche in producing herbal based alcoholic produced sourced locally.

Jospong Group of Companies

The company is one of the most diversified holdings companies in Ghana with operations in other African countries and Asia. Jospong Group has business interest in about 14 sectors of the economy of which Waste management, ICT and Banking are its biggest operators.

Twellium Industrial Company

Twellium is one of the top and popular manufacturing companies in Ghana. The company was incorporated in Ghana in September 2013, to kickstart the production of 4 key franchised products. These products include the popular Rush Energy drink, Original American Cola, Planet Range and Bubble Up lemon lime.

Twellium Industries also manufacture flagship products such as Verna Mineral Water.

PZ Cussons Ghana Limited

The company is a major manufacturing company which specialises in the manufacturing of personal healthcare products, and consumer goods. The company is one of the early companies that was first listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange at the inception of the Stock Exchange in the early 1990s.

PZ Cussons manufactures products such as soaps, shampoos, Imperial Leather, Gels, Milk, Olive Oil, Detergents and healthcare products.

Interplast Limited

The company is West Africa leading producer of plastic pipe systems. Interplast, established in 1970, is a fully Ghanaian owned company with active export business in more than 22 countries in Africa.

The company produces products such as uPVC Pipes, Cable Duct System, HDPE Pipes, Incor Pipes, Ingreen Irrigation Systems, and Everlast Windows & Doors.


It is a privately owned textile company which headquarters is located in Accra, the capital of Ghana. The company has over 500 employees as at 2022. Printex is one of the oldest company in Ghana. The company has been in business for over 5 decades.

Printex Ghana Limited produces products such as uniforms, shirting materials, dress fabrics and furnishings.

Kane-EM Industries

Another popular manufacturing company in Ghana is Kane-EM Industries. The company produces all kinds of plastic materials for packaging right from the industries to domestic needs.

Some products manufactured by Kane-EM Industries are food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, industrial containers, K-Caps, Cosmetics, household products and toys.

Alrayan Industries Company Limited

Alrayan Industries is a manufacturing industry in Ghana. The company is a leading producer of Tissue and Paper Manufacturing in the country. Alrayan Industries was incorporated in Ghana in 2013.

Alrayan company manufactures napkins, supplying napkins, toilet roll, supplying toilet rolls, plastic straws and supplying plastic straws.

De United Foods Industries Ghana

The company is a food processing company located in Ghana, West Africa. The company has over 200 employees. De United Foods Industries Ghana engages in the Food Wholesalers Industry.

EverPack Ghana Limited 

EverPack is one of the oldest company in Ghana. The company started in Ghana in the year 1998. The company has a positive review in Ghana. It is said to be the first tissue manufacturing company.

EverPack Ghana Limited produces products such as napkins, facial tissues, toilet rolls, kitchen towels, pocket tissues and refills for dispensers.


There are other manufacturing companies in Ghana which we could not add to this list due to our inability to access their data. I suggest you visit each company's website to know more about their products.

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