15 Roofing Companies In Ghana

15 Roofing Companies In Ghana

 Roofing companies are on the rise in Ghana in recent times. Ghana has some of the best roofing companies in West Africa. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the top and most popular roofing companies in Ghana.

Roofing companies are organizations or industries that specializes in installing and repairing roofs. Roofing companies work on residential and commercial properties, depending on the company's focus.

There are four main types of roofing companies: commercial roofers, residential roofers, industrial roofers and roofing contractors.

Most roofing companies in Ghana have introduced high-quality modern and decorative roofing systems which beat most of their competitors

Roofing Companies In Ghana

Below are some of the top companies that provide roofing services in Ghana.

  1. Rocksters Roofing
  2. MANGLAD Roofing System
  3. Irridak Roofing System
  4. DBS Industries Limited
  5. Domod Roof Limited
  6. Big Bond Roofing Systems Limited 
  7. Raincoat Roofing Company
  8. SteelCo Roofing Company
  9. TroySteel Roofing System
  10. Dophil Roofing Company
  11. White Temple Agencies Roofing System
  12. Metalex Group
  13. Mega Steel Roofing Systems
  14. Asangod Roofing Systems Limited
  15. Colour Trust Roofing and Construction Company Limited 
Rocksters Roofing Systems

Rocksters is one of the leading roofing companies in Ghana. The company is a marketing leader in roofing sheets, steel trusses, ceiling joists, and plasterboards.

Rocksters Roofing Company has been operating in Ghana since 1990s. The company has over the years become a major player in the building and construction industry. 

Off Achimota -Nsawam Rd
Taifa Junction. Ga West District, Accra -Ghana
Telephone: +233 302 410 866

MANGLAD Roofing Systems

It is a roofing company established in 2009 by people who understand the industry with its technicalities and wants. The company boasts of being the best roofing company within the roofing industry in Ghana today. MANGLAD roofing company produces high quality roofing sheets, woods and metal trusses.

One advantage of MANGLAD roofing is that, the roofs are manufactured to last a lifetime and have anti-corrosive properties and can withstand the harsh weather conditions within the tropic. 

Irridak Roofing System

Irridak is a roofing company located in Accra, Ghana. The company is one of the best roofing companies in the country. It provides quality, durable, affordable roofing products and cladding materials for the building industry in the market.

Why Consider Irridak Roofing System?
  • High corrosion resistance sheets
  • Wide colour range
  • Advanced primer technology to resist paint delamination
  • Guarantee material thickness
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Technical advice on site and office

DBS Industries Limited

DBS Industries Limited is a leading manufacturer of roofing sheets in Ghana. The company has been dealing with roofing products for over two decades.

DBS Industries provides exterior and interior building products, including roofing, Trusses, Concrete Products, & Pre-Fabricates Steel Structures. The company's aim is to make their products better, stronger, safer and in more sustainable ways that are faster and easier to install.

TroySteel Company Limited

TroySteel Roofing Company is one of Ghana's leading roofing companies. The company deals in domestic, industrial and commercial roofing, specializing in the fullest range of roofing.

TroySteel Company Limited produces quality roofing sheets and accessories that are second to none. The company boasts of having an unbeatable record and reputation for excellence. TroySteel is located at Opposite Mile 11 Cemetery Off Accra-Kasoa Rd, Weija, Accra, Ghana.

Domod Roof Limited

It is another popular roofing companies in the country. Domod Roof Limited provides superior quality Aluminum and Aluzinc roofing sheets, Cladding and Light Steel Frames solutions for both residential and commercial needs.

The company boasts of being the best roofing company in Ghana. It claims to be the best amongst roofing sheet companies in the country. Domod has been working over a decade now with about 65 workforce.

Big Bond Roofing Systems Limited

Big Bond Roofing is one of the top roofing companies in the country with its main office located in the prime industrial hub of the North Industrial Area in Accra, Ghana. 

Big Bond Roofing has sustainable excellent products which are resistance to harsh weather conditions, manufactured and installed beautifully which enhance the beauty of your residential and commercial buildings. The company is located at 34 Mausoleum Lane, Adjacent Zenith Bank, North Industrial Area, Accra.

Raincoat Roofing Company

Raincoat is a Ghanaian roofing company that provides clean colorbond roofing materials and truecore steel trusses and a customer oriented service of the highest standard.

It is Ghana's largest provider of high-quality steel roofing. Raincoat steel trusses are the smartest, simplest, long-lasting solution for your roof.

SteelCo Roofing Company

SteelCo roofing company is one of Ghana's oldest and most reliable manufacturers of roofing sheets in Sub-Saharan Africa. SteelCo offers bespoke services to suit your unique home needs.

Dolphin Roofing Company

Dolphin is a fast growing roofing company located in Ghana, West Africa. The company is responsible for corrugating, estimating and installing roof sheets. 

Dolphin Roofing Company provides services such as free estimation of roofs, manufacturing of several types of roofing sheets and installation of roofs.

Benefits of Dolphin Roofing Company Systems
  • Durability and Cost saving
  • The company's sheets are corrosive resistance and therefore can last a lifetime
  • Sheets are anti-rust which therefore prevents rusting, colour fading, and peeling
  • Dolphin Roofing System values their cherished customers 
  • Provides best customer satisfaction and experience

Above are some of the top roofing companies in Ghana as at the time of writing this article. There are other numerous roofing companies in the country which we could not add to this list due to our inability to access their data.

I suggest you visit each company's website to learn more about their services.

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