Top Bitcoin Wallets in Ghana


                                          Top Bitcoin Wallets in Ghana

Looking for the best Bitcoin wallet in Ghana? You have come to the right place. A Bitcoin wallet is a digital wallet in which Bitcoins are stored. In other words, a Bitcoin wallet is a software program in which Bitcoins are stored.

Types of Bitcoin wallets in Ghana

There are basically three types of Bitcoin wallets (Hardware, Software and paper wallets). Fortunately, all three of them are available in Ghana.

Best Bitcoin Wallets in Ghana

Here is a list of some of the most trusted bitcoin wallets in Ghana







Coinmama is one of the best Bitcoin wallets in Ghana. Coinmama is a financial service that makes it fast, safe and fun to buy digital currency across the world. It is the easiest way to sell and buy cryptocurrency in Ghana.

Why Coinmama wallet?

  • It is safe, easy and secure
  • You receive your coins instantly after payment
  • 24/7 outstanding support


LocalBitcoin is a person-to-person bitcoin trading platform. LocalBitcoin allows its users to buy and sell bitcoins from and to other LocalBitcoins' users.

Benefits of LocalBitcoin wallet

  • The platform supports a wide range of payment methods
  • LocalBitcoin also offers escrow protection to ensure the bitcoin and both traders are safe
  • Also, the platform allows you to trade directly with another person

To trade with LocalBitcoin, click here LocalBitcoin


Kraken is one of the popular bitcoin wallets that offers full services to clients living in Ghana. With Kraken bitcoin wallet, you can exchange and trade cryptocurrencies with ease

Benefits of Kraken

Just like LocalBitcoin, the website supports a wide range of payment methods

Verification process is quick, and lows for a secure process


Coinbase is one of the best platforms to buy, exchange and store Bitcoins in Ghana. Coinbase is rated 4 out of 5 in Ghana.

Coinbase wallet is self-custody wallet that gives you complete control of your cryptos.

Why is Coinbase the most trusted crypto wallet in Ghana?

  • Coinbase is highly secured
  • The platform is protected by FDIC insurance, up to a maximum of $250,000
  • Coinbase also supports a wide variety of the most popular digital currencies


Trezor is a hardware bitcoin wallet that allows you to trade and store your bitcoins. Trezor bitcoin wallet is currently available in Ghana.

With Trezor wallet, you can safely manage and trade your cryptocurrencies. The platform has experts that are ready to help you at all times.

Which is the best Bitcoin wallet in Ghana to store my coins?

When it comes to popularity, binance comes into play. It is the most popular bitcoin exchange in Ghana.

However, Coinmama is believed to be the best bitcoin wallet in Ghana. It has a flexible payment system. The platform accepts users and payments from 185 countries.

Categories of Bitcoin wallets in Ghana

Hardware wallet : Most popular hardware wallets are Ledger Nano S and Trezor

Desktop Wallets : Examples of desktop wallets are Exodus, Bitcoin core, Electrum

Mobile Wallets : These are wallets made for mobile phones. Examples of mobile wallets are MetaMask and Coinbase.

Paper Wallets : Paper wallet is a physical printed QR code form of bitcoin wallet. These types of wallets are not prone to breaches.

Are Bitcoin Wallets safe?

Bitcoin wallets are not 100% safe. Cyber attack on cryptocurrency exchange and wallets is on the rise. However, there are so many ways to keep your Bitcoin secure. 

Here are some tips to keep your bitcoins wallet secure

  • One of the best practices to keep your Bitcoins wallet or account secured is by enabling two factor authentication. Install antimalware software to guard against any phishing or malware attacks
  • To protect your Bitcoin wallet, it is also essential to regular backup your Bitcoin wallet to protect against computer failure, theft or human error
  • Make sure to carefully research any cryptocurrency service or app you intend to use to avoid being scammed or be deprived access to your account.

Notice: Investing in Bitcoin and any other Cryptocurrencies is highly risky and the markets can be extremely volatile. Therefore, before choosing any platform for your trading, make sure you do a lot of research about it.

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