How to get Bitcoin for free in Ghana


                                   How to get Bitcoin for free in Ghana

How can I get Bitcoin for free in Ghana? Is it possible to get Bitcoin for free? Yes, it is possible to get Bitcoin for free in Ghana. Here, we will teach you how to get Bitcoin for free in Ghana. Continue reading to find out how.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that can be transferred on the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network. Bitcoin allows exciting users that could not be covered by any previous payment system. As at now, 1 BTC = USD29,636.40

How can I get free Bitcoins in Ghana?

There are many genuine websites that allow you to earn free Bitcoins. Getting free Bitcoin takes time and much effort to get given its current high value. The best ways to earn bitcoins for free in Ghana is through shopping rewards with credit cards, but you can also try airdrops, referral bonuses, playing games and participating in trading competitions if you are an expert or beginner trainer.

Here are the best websites and ways to get Bitcoin for free in Ghana

1.Watching Ads

You can earn Bitcoin for free in Ghana just by watching Ads. There are some websites that give you Bitcoin as a reward for watching ads. is an example of websites you can get free bitcoins from by watching ads.

You win by clicking an ad and wait for a set time and they allow you to spin and win, or refer friends and win commissions. Android app BTC Safari also rewards users to watching ads.


It is one of the sites to get free Bitcoin from. lets you earn free Bitcoins- up to 14.5% p.a. in staked crypto. This means that you can invest crypto just by letting it sit on your wallet and earn passive income.

You can also trade Bitcoin futures such as sending and receiving Bitcoin.

Click here to create your account for free 

3. Coinmama

How to get Bitcoin for free in Ghana

Coinmama is a website that allows people to earn free cryptocurrency. You can earn this in two ways - first, through referrals. You will earn 30% of Coinmama's commission for all purchases made from referrals. Coinmama is believed to be a legit website to earn Bitcoin for free in Ghana.

4. Playing Online and Offline Games

One of the best ways to earn Bitcoin for free in Ghana is by playing games on your mobile phone or computer. There are hundreds of games you can play to win or earn Bitcoins for free. 

Dozens of online casino games allow earning free Bitcoins. Most of these platforms even give you welcome bonus. They may or may not require you to first deposit money. 

Examples of online games that you can play to win free bitcoins are RealPoker and FortuneJack. Playing games is the easiest and fastest way to earn free Bitcoin in Ghana.

5. Mining Browsers and Free Mining Software

Mining crypto through a crypto mining browsers is one of the surest ways to earn free Bitcoin in Ghana. One example of such browser is CryptoTab. Unfortunately, that will require using your computer power. Hence, slows down your computer.

The Brave Browser allows you to earn free BAT tokens just by using the browser and watching ads as long as you connect a wallet, and you can even connect a website to have then send ads on it and you earn more BAT that you can convert to Bitcoin.  

6. Testing Apps and Services

You can also get free Bitcoin in Ghana just by testing certain apps. There are some companies and individuals that reward you Bitcoins to test their products or new games. 

Examples of such apps on which to earn free Bitcoins include Storm Play which rewards users for trying out new games, products and services. You can also earn BTC, Ethereum or Storm cryptocurrency through shopping and other micro-tasks.

7. Through Free Cloud Mining Sites

There are sites on free cloud mining which you can earn free Bitcoin from. This could be in the form of bonus or as rewards without deposit obligations. Those that allow earning of free Bitcoin without investment are Bitland, which offers a 200 Gh/s bonus (G¢7.5) on registration, 0.5% per day, and a bonus every one hour on a free account.

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You can also get free and referral bonus when you sign up for Cryptoplace. Websites that offer free sign up bonus are Citymine, Bimine,, Bluemagic and cloud Bitcoin miner.

8. CoinSmart

CoinSmart is one of the most popular websites to earn free Bitcoin from in Ghana. With CoinSmart, all you have to do is to read articles and answer a few questions at the end and earn free cryptocurrency of up to 1,000 CAD in Bitcoins.

You will be asked about 40 quizzes, and you are required to answer everything correctly.

9. Affiliates And Referral Sites

There are thousands of affiliate programs that can help you win free crypto. The best affiliate marketing work is if you have a busy website and can generate huge traffic. You can then share your affiliate link on the website. 

On, you can earn crypto in free Bitcoins by referring users to the exchange. Other platforms allowing this include Paxful,, Bybit, Timebucks, Lolli, and Cointiply affiliate programs


In summary, you can earn Bitcoin for free in Ghana through, Coinmama, CoinSmart free cloud mining sites, and by watching ads, testing apps and services, mining browsers and free mining softwares.

Before mining on any crypto platform, make sure you do a lot of research about it before investing into it. There are so many fake websites there that promise you free Bitcoins.

Crypto mining is one of fastest ways to get money online. Bitcoin is worth investing in. Bitcoin is expected to increase in the coming years. However, it is important to consider that crypto is volatile and you should check for methods to protect your value from losses.

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