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                                                  Diploma, Degree Teachers' Salary in Ghana

How much salary do diploma, degree teachers make in Ghana? According to reports, Teaching is now seen as a lucrative profession in recent times in Ghana. Teachers used to receive the worst treatment in Ghana when it comes to salaries. Keep reading to find out how much is Diploma and Degree Teachers' salary in Ghana.

Teaching can sometimes be tough and complex. Previously, Teacher salary used not to be something encouraging. But with the introduction of the single spine policy in Ghana, there has been a massive increment in their salary. A person working as a Teacher makes between GHS1,500 to GHS3,000 per month in Ghana.

A Teacher's monthly salary depends on many factors such as years of experience, qualification and allowances. For instance, a Teacher working for more than 10 years is likely to receive twice the salary of a newly posted Teacher. 

Below are the salaries of a diploma, degree teachers in Ghana.

Diploma Teacher salary in Ghana

A Teacher with a Diploma certificate typically makes between GHS1,500 - GHS2,000 per month in Ghana. This amount does not include allowance. Diploma certificate holders earn lesser than degree holders.

A senior Diploma Teacher is likely to receive more salary than a fresh Diploma graduate. This is because the more experience and rank you acquire, the more allowance government gives you.

Degree Teacher salary in Ghana

Degree Teacher's salary is a bit higher than that of Diploma's. A person working as a degree Teacher in Ghana makes between GHS1,800 - GHS2,500 per month. This range does not include monthly allowance.

A senior degree Teacher is likely to receive more than a fresh degree Teacher.

Lecturer's salary in Ghana

Lectures earn the highest salary in the education sector in Ghana. Lectures earn between GHS3,000 to GHS6,000.

Professor lecturers earn the most in Ghana. Their salary is expected to be far above GHS96,000 per annum.

Job title.                               -                                 Salary

National Service teacher salary                       GHS559 per month

Basic school teacher salary                             GHS600 to GHS2,00 per month

JHS school teacher salary                                GHS1,000 to GHS2,000 per month

SHS school teacher salary                                GHS1,500 to GHS2,500

Private schools teachers salary in Ghana

These are teachers who teach in non-government schools. Private school teachers earn a little lower than those employed by the government. However, this is not actually true in some cases. Some private schools pay a little higher depending on your qualification, and factors such as quality of education and profit earn by the owner.

A person with diploma working in the private sector earns between GHS700 to GHS1,500 per month. This amount varies in most institutions.

Just like the public schools, a degree teacher in private schools earns a little higher than a diploma teacher in Ghana.

Some Public Teacher Training Colleges in Ghana

  • Accra College of Education
  • Bagabaga College of Education
  • Berekum College of Education
  • Bimbila E.P. College of Education
  • Akatsi College of Education
  • Ada College of Education
  • Foso College of Education
  • Kibi Presbyterian College of Education
  • St. Luis College of Education, Kumasi
  • St. Monica College of Education, Mampong-Ashanti
  • St. John Bosco College of Education
  • SDA College of Education, Asokore-Koforidua
  • Tamale College of Education, Tamale
  • Wesley College of Education, Kumasi
  • Wiawso College of Education, Wiawso

Some Private Teacher Training Colleges in Ghana

  • Holy Spirit College of Education, Ho
  • St. Ambrose College of Education, Dromaa Akwamu
  • Methodist College of Education, Akim Oda
  • Cambridge Teacher Training College
  • AIM professionals Institute and Training College, Ho

Despite the fact that Teachers most Teachers have complained that the salary structure is biased (According to them Teachers earn lesser than other government employees), Teaching is becoming a lucrative profession. 

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in Teaching, you are good to go. Don't be discouraged especially with the salary. All you have to do is to get a side job after employment.


Above are Teachers' salary in Ghana as at the time of writing this article.

Note: The above information is for educational purpose and is subjected to verification.

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