How To Use Giga Points



How To Use Giga Points

Giga points are an exciting reward system that allows users to earn and redeem points for mobile services and more. But how do you use these points to your advantage? Here, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of earning, redeeming, and sharing your Giga Points.

How To Use Giga Points

To use your Giga Points, follow the steps below:

1. Redeem for Mobile Data, Calls, and Texts  

One of the fantastic features of Giga Points is the ability to use them to top-up your mobile services. Whether it's browsing your favorite websites, catching up with friends and family, or sending an important business text, Giga Points can ensure you're always connected. Here's how you can redeem your hard-earned Giga Points for mobile data, calls, and texts:

  • Mobile Data: As digital citizens of the 21st century, we understand the importance of staying online. Be it browsing social media, streaming a captivating series, or working remotely, data is the lifeline that keeps us connected to the world. You can use your Giga Points to purchase data bundles directly through the GigaLife app. Simply navigate to the 'Redeem' tab, select the data bundle of your choice, and click on 'Redeem Now'. The data will be added to your account instantly!

  • Calls: It's a fact; voice calls are not outdated! Whether you need to wish a happy birthday to a loved one or participate in a conference call, voice calls are as relevant as ever. You can redeem your Giga Points for call minutes. Once again, head to the 'Redeem' tab on the GigaLife app, select your preferred voice bundle, and click on 'Redeem Now'. The minutes will be added to your account, ready for you to dial away!

  • Texts: Despite the rise of instant messaging apps, there are times when sending a simple text message is the most convenient option. You can also use your Giga Points to get text messages. Just like with data and calls, go to the 'Redeem' tab on the GigaLife app, pick your desired text bundle, and hit 'Redeem Now'. Your account will be credited with the text messages immediately!

The redemption process is simple, easy, and instant, enabling you to stay connected without worrying about running out of services. Keep in mind, the more you use your GigaLife app, the more Giga Points you can earn and the more services you can enjoy. So why wait? Start redeeming your Giga Points now, and experience the GigaLife way of staying connected!

2. Get Exclusive GigaLife App Deals  

If you thought using Giga Points for mobile services was the limit, hold on to your hats because there's more! GigaLife app takes rewards to the next level by offering exclusive deals that are available only to its users. The best part? You can grab these deals using your Giga Points! Here's a quick rundown on how you can seize these exclusive deals:

  • Discounts on Your Favorite Brands: GigaLife has collaborated with some of the most popular brands to bring you fantastic discounts. Use your Giga Points to unlock these exclusive deals and save on your purchases. From fashion to food, electronics to entertainment, you'll find deals on a broad range of categories. Just head to the 'Deals' section in your GigaLife app, browse through the available offers, and use your Giga Points to claim your preferred deal.

  • Special Promotions: Who doesn't love a good promotion? With Giga Points, you get access to exclusive promotional offers on various products and services. Whether it's a buy-one-get-one-free offer or a limited-time discount, these special promotions are sure to make your shopping experience more rewarding. To check out the current promotions, go to the 'Deals' tab in your GigaLife app. If you see a promotion you like, simply click on 'Claim Now' and use your Giga Points to grab the deal!

  • Early Access to Sales: Imagine getting access to the biggest sales of the year before everyone else. Sounds great, right? With Giga Points, you can enjoy early access to sales from participating brands. This means you get the first pick on discounted items before they're sold out. To use this perk, visit the 'Deals' section on your GigaLife app, look for the early access sales, and use your Giga Points to get in on the action.

  • Premium Content: If you're a fan of premium content, you'll be delighted to know that you can use your Giga Points to unlock exclusive content. This can range from early access to the latest movies and shows, premium articles from popular magazines, to VIP virtual experiences. To unlock premium content, go to the 'Deals' section on your GigaLife app, find the content you'd like to unlock, and use your Giga Points to enjoy.

Remember, the GigaLife app adds new deals regularly, so make sure to check the 'Deals' section frequently. This ensures you don't miss out on any amazing offers. So, start using your Giga Points to grab these exclusive deals and enjoy a GigaLife full of rewards!

3. Share GigaPoints with Others 

Sharing is caring, and when it comes to Giga Points, sharing them with your friends and family is an exciting way to spread the joy! Another way to use Giga Points is by sharing. Here's how you can make someone's day by sharing your Giga Points:

  • Gift Data to Friends: What's more thoughtful than gifting data to your friend who's running low? With Giga Points, you can send data packages to your friends directly through the GigaLife app. Simply go to the 'Share' tab, select the friend you want to send data to, choose the data package, and hit 'Send Now'. Your friend will instantly receive the data, and you'll become their day-saver!

  • Surprise Family with Calls & Texts: Do your parents love talking on the phone, or does your sibling send texts all day? Why not surprise them with some extra call minutes or text messages? Just like with data, you can use your Giga Points to send call minutes or text messages to your family members. Head over to the 'Share' tab in the GigaLife app, pick your family member, select the voice or text bundle, and tap 'Send Now'. They'll surely appreciate the thoughtful gesture!

  • Donate Giga Points to Charity: GigaLife app also allows you to donate your Giga Points to various charitable organizations. This is a beautiful way to use your points for a noble cause and make a difference in someone's life. To donate, go to the 'Share' tab, select 'Donate', choose the charity organization, input the amount of Giga Points you want to donate, and click on 'Donate Now'. Your Giga Points will be converted into cash and donated to the chosen organization.

Remember, sharing Giga Points can not only make someone's day but also strengthen your relationships. Plus, it's a fun way to engage more with the GigaLife app and explore its unique features. So why not start sharing your Giga Points today and spread the happiness!


Using Giga Points is like embarking on an exhilarating digital journey where every action brings its own rewards. As you traverse through this journey, you can use these points to maintain uninterrupted mobile services, gain exclusive deals, share joy with others, and even contribute to noble causes. 

The beauty of Giga Points lies not only in their versatility but also in the endless possibilities they offer. By understanding how to earn, redeem, and share these points effectively, you can truly optimize your GigaLife experience. So don’t wait any longer! Dive into the rewarding world of Giga Points today, embrace the GigaLife way of staying connected, and start living a mobile lifestyle that's more exciting, more engaging, and more rewarding!

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