How to Check My TFG Statement


How to Check My TFG Statement
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Your TFG account can be a useful tool to manage your purchases, payments, and overall financial transactions with the retail giant. However, to get the most out of your account, it is crucial to regularly check your TFG statement. This step-by-step guide will outline how to easily access and understand your TFG statement.

How to check my TFG statement

You can check your TFG statement through the following:

TFG Money Account  

This is where all your financial transactions with TFG are logged and it's an essential tool to keep an eye on for several reasons. Let's navigate the exciting trail of your TFG money account statement and make sense of what you see:

  • Digital Statements: If you opted for digital statements, you'll receive an email or SMS with a link to access your latest statement every month.

  • Online Viewing:

    • Bash Account: Link your TFG Money Account to your Bash online profile under "Manage your account" to view mini statements and download detailed statements for current and previous months.

    • TFG Account Website: If you have a login for your TFG Money Account website, you can access and download statements there.

  • App: You can view a current month mini statement through the WhatsApp TFG Account option with your card or account number.

  • Customer Service: Another way to check TFG statement is to call TFG Money Customer Service at 0860 834 834 to request your statement via email or discuss other options.

Remember, understanding your TFG money account statement is crucial to maintaining a healthy financial relationship with TFG. It empowers you to keep track of your spending, make timely payments, and avoid unnecessary fees. So, take a moment every month to review your statement and ensure you’re on top of your financial game!

TFG Stores  

Exploring the world of TFG doesn't stop at understanding your TFG money account statement. It extends to the wide array of TFG stores where you can make purchases and earn rewards. Let's pull back the curtain on TFG's retail landscape, shall we?

  • Variety of Brands: TFG boasts a range of renowned brands, each with its unique appeal and product offering. From fashion-forward outlets like Foschini and Markham to home essentials stores like @home and Tekkie Town, there’s a TFG store to cater to every shopping need.

  • Store Locations: TFG stores are conveniently located in shopping malls and city centers across South Africa. Wherever you are, chances are, there’s a TFG store near you. Plus, with the TFG store locator tool available online, finding the closest store is easier than ever.

  • In-Store Purchases: When shopping at any TFG store, your purchases will be logged in your TFG account. This means that they will reflect on your TFG statement, giving you a clear overview of your spending habits.

  • Returns and Exchanges: If you're not entirely satisfied with a purchase, TFG's return and exchange policy has got you covered. Simply return the item in its original condition within the specified period, and the store will handle the rest.

Remember, each time you shop at a TFG store or online, you’re adding to your financial journey with TFG. So go ahead, make your pick from the wide array of TFG stores and brands, and take a step forward in this rewarding journey!

Other TFG Services 

These additional services not only enhance your shopping journey but also offer a seamless interface between you and TFG. Let's unpack some of these additional TFG services:

  • TFG Insurance: Offering more than just retail, TFG provides various insurance products tailored to your needs. Whether it's device insurance for your electronics, funeral cover for your family, or credit life insurance to protect your credit account, TFG has you covered.

  • TFG Mobile: TFG Mobile is a SIM card service that provides you with affordable prepaid mobile services. It offers great connectivity, competitive rates, and exciting rewards for TFG account holders.

  • TFG eGift Cards: The perfect gift solution for any occasion, TFG eGift cards can be sent directly to the recipient's inbox, or printed and gifted in person. They can be used across all TFG's brands both online and in-store.

  • TFG Account Personal Loans: In partnership with RCS, a registered credit and authorized financial services provider, TFG offers personal loans up to R250,000 with flexible repayment plans. This service helps you manage your financial needs effectively.

  • Click & Collect Service: TFG offers a free Click & Collect service where you can shop online and collect your purchases from your chosen store. This service saves you on delivery costs and offers convenience.

So there you have it, an exciting range of services to enhance your TFG experience. Whether you're after added convenience, financial solutions, or ways to give back to your community, TFG has a service to suit your needs.


So, you've successfully navigated the world of TFG money account statements, explored the extensive range of TFG stores and their offerings, and delved into the diverse services provided by TFG. As a consumer in today's fast-paced world, understanding your financial footprint is more than just good practice, it's a necessity.

Your TFG statement is a powerful tool in this respect, providing a clear snapshot of your spending habits, payment records, and financial obligations. At the same time, the wide range of TFG stores and services offer a tailored shopping experience that extends far beyond your typical retail journey.

Whether it's earning rewards at your favorite TFG brand, taking advantage of TFG's additional services, or simply staying on top of your financial game with a comprehensive TFG statement, there's no denying the benefits that come with being a TFG account holder. We hope you have understood how to check your TFG statement.

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