How to Withdraw Swifin Money in South Africa

How to Withdraw Swifin Money in South Africa


Whether you have tried withdrawing Swifin or still looking for ways to withdraw from Swifin account, you have come to the right site. Here, we will teach you how to withdraw Swifin money in South Africa.

It is true one of the greatest challenges is withdrawing from your Swifin account to your bank. While most have claimed to have withdrawn from Swifin using the instructions which you will be reading later in this article, it may not be true for some. 

What is Swifin?

Swifin is one of the popular mobile payment and distributed banking exchange service. Swifin is used by both private and government. Some popular agencies that use Swifin savings and loan companies, local government departments, banking offices, and many others.

Swifin is used to make real time payments of all financial transactions. The platform is available to all persons regardless of your location. This means that you can be able to access the service anywhere in the country. Keep reading to learn how to withdraw from Swifin money in South Africa.

How Does Swifin Operate in South Africa

Swifin is a mobile payment platform responsible for the distribution of the lumi currency in Africa. There are reports the platform is working with several banks in Africa in order to make payments easy. Example is the Eco Bank since it is a Pan Africa bank.

How to Withdraw Swifin Money in South Africa

Follow the steps below to withdraw lumi from Swifin:

  • Login to your Swifin account through the website or app 
  • Tap on the 'withdrawal icon' 
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw in euros or Bitcoin. 
  • Click on confirm or enter and wait for your confirmation message or email 
  • Enter your credit card info and click on continue 
  • Confirm your transactions and wait for a few minutes for your confirmation text

After following the steps provided above, we hope you should be able to withdraw from your Swifin account to your credit card.

Why Use Swifin Platform?

The following are some of the benefits of Swifin payment platform:

  • With Swifin account, you should be able to receive and send money regardless of your location
  • You can get services such as E-banking, E-markert, mobile money banking and others
  • Government and non-government agencies such as post offices, financial institutions, and public offices make use of Swifin


Here are some of the popular questions about Swifin account withdrawal:

Can I withdraw from Swifin account?

Yes, you can withdraw money from your Swifin wallet. Log into your Swifin account and follow the instructions provided in this article to withdraw your money.

Can I install Swifin on my Iphone?

Swifin does not currently support iOS devices at the moment. There are some sources that claim Swifin is currently working to make the app available on the app.

Is Swifin available in South Africa?

Yes, South Africa is one of the countries among many where Swifin is currently available. You can access the Swifin service anywhere in the country. 

How do I get my Swifin ID?

To get your Swifin ID, create your Swifin account. Once you create your account, an ID containing your Swifin ID will be sent to your email address


We hope that after going through this article, you have learnt how to withdraw money from Swifin account in South Africa. If you have any other questions related to Swifin withdrawal, you can drop your question in the comments section.

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