How to Withdraw Swifin Money in Nigeria



How to Withdraw Swifin Money in Nigeria

You have tried every means to withdraw money from your Swifin account in Nigeria but no avail. Well, will guide you on how to do that. In this article, we have listed step-by-step approach on how to withdraw Swifin money in Nigeria to your bank account.

Many people have become frustrated with the Swifin withdrawal process. However, the good news is that, the company has added the withdrawal feature to the platform for easy withdrawal. Continue reading to learn how to withdraw money from Swifin account to your bank account in Nigeria.

What is Swifin?

Swifin is a mobile payment and distributed banking exchange service exchange. The platform is used by both private and businesses (examples are savings and loans companies, banks, post offices, local government departments and others) to pay and receive money.

The aim of Swifin is to make real time payments of all financial transactions be available and accessible to everyone regardless of their locations. It means that people who even live in rural areas can also pay and receive money at the comfort of their homes.

How Does Swifin Operate in Nigeria?

Swifin is one of the leading financial institutions that distributes the Lumi currency stimulus in Nigeria and other African countries. Through Swifin account, many banks have made it possible and easy for Swifin customers to be able to deposit or withdraw money to their wallets. An example of one of these banks is the Eco Bank.

How to Withdraw Swifin Money in Nigeria

Below are the only proven ways to withdraw Swifin money to your bank account in Nigeria

1. Login to your Swifin account through the website or app

2. Tap on the 'withdrawal icon'

3. Enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw in euros or Bitcoin.

4. Click on confirm or enter and wait for your confirmation message or email

5. Enter your credit card info and click on continue

6. Confirm your transactions and wait for a few minutes for your confirmation text

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Benefits of Swifin

  • Swifin platform has made it easy and possible for everyone to send and receive money regardless of their locations
  • Swifin services include E-banking, mobile banking, E-market and other financial transactions
  • Government departments, individuals, non governmental organizations, businesses and merchants users can all have access to the platform

How to Install Swifin App

  • Go to Google play store to download and install the app
  • Under the pop-up permission message, click on the accept and continue
  • Once you are done with the installation, create your Swifin account in Nigeria and start sending and receiving money

In conclusion, you can withdraw swifin money in Nigeria by tapping on the withdrawal icon, entering the amount of money you want to withdraw in euros or Bitcoin, clicking on enter and validate a confirmation email sent to you, entering your credit card details and then clicking on the continue.

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  1. My name is Philip, I have received email alert from swifin twice now but I don't know the log in details. pls I need a guide.

    1. Go to the login page and click on the forget password. Enter the email you used for the registration

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