30 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria 2024



30 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria

How do I access a loan in Nigeria online? Which apps give loans in this country? If you are here, it is obvious you are looking for ways to borrow money online. You have come to the right place. In this article, we have listed some of the 30 best loan app in Nigeria.

In recent years, you can get a loan anywhere and anytime at the comfortable of your home. The abundance of loan apps have made it easy for individuals and small-scale businesses to access emergency loans at the comfort of their homes.

There are several loan apps in this country to borrow money from. However, it is essential and recommended you carefully read and understand all the terms and conditions of each loan app before borrowing. This is because some loans have a higher interest while others have low. 

Recently many loan apps have been delisted by the Federal Government. We have done our best to not include some of these apps in this article. All loan apps listed here are approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Keep reading to discover all the loan apps in Nigeria in this article.

30 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria

Following are some of the best loan apps  to borrow money:

1. Palmcredit

It is undoubtedly a popular loan app in the country to get a loan from. It has a reputation for being one of the most popular loan apps in Nigeria. You can get up to 300,000 naira on this platform.

2. Carbon Loan

Carbon loan is one of the best online loan apps in the country. It is considered the leading digital bank in the country that provides loans to individuals. You get get a loan from carbon lending app as an individual or small-scale business. 

3. FairMoney

Another loan app to borrow money is FairMoney. It has millions of monthly active users in the country. The platform claims to disburse money in minutes. You can borrow up to 1 million naira in FairMoney. Repayment period is usually between 60 days and 18 months.

4. Okash

Okash is a lending app that has more than 5 million downloads on Play Store. The platform is managed by Blue Microfinance Bank Limited. You can access this loan anytime in the country. You can also get a loan up to N500,000.

5. Quicknaira

It offers quick loan to individuals interested in taking loans. You can borrow up to 200,000 naira based on the estimate made on your data. Quicknaira claims to have some of the lowest interest rates.

6. Mpaso loan

Another loan app is the Mpaso lending app. It is easy and simple to get loan form this platform. Mpaso is also available in Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. You can get up to 1 million naira.

7. CredPal

It has a very good rating from people who have actually used it. CredPal is considered a simple and easy app to get a loan online. Borrowers can borrow up to 6 million Naira on the app. Repayment period is up to 180 days

8. Renmoney

Renmoney is an online loan app where you get a loan up to 2 million Naira without collateral. Repayment period is usually between 3 to 24 months.

9. QuickCheck loan

It is obviously one of the 30 best loan apps in Nigeria for people interested in borrowing. QuickCheck has about 2 million active users. It has a long range of about N1,500 to N500,000. Repayment period is usually 91 days to 12 months.

10. Quickbucks

Quickbucks loan app is a loan app sponsored by access bank. It is given to people or small-scale businesses without collateral. However, you will need to submit your BVN, account statement, and and other relevant information.

11. Kuda Loan

While Kuda is primarily a digital bank, it also provides overdrafts and loans to its users. Users can apply for overdrafts within the app, and the approval process is based on the user's account activities.

12. Easy Credit Loan

You can also get a loan on Easy Credit loan app. You can access loan on this platform at the comfort of your home. To get a loan on this platform, download and install the app from Google, create your account, and follow the instructions to apply for your loan.

13. Umba App

Umba is cool loan app and one of the 30 best loan apps in Nigeria. You can get up to a loan of 90,000 naira on Umba lending platform. It also has low interest rates making it one of the most affordable loan apps.

14. KiaKia Loan

KiaKia loan app has some of the attractive interest rates. It provides direct personal and business loans to people and businesses interested in borrowing.

15. Branch Loan

Branch loan is a loan app that is known to have some of the lowest interest rates in the country. The lending platform is available in countries such as India, Kenya, Tanzania, and Mexico. The platform has over 1 million users.

Continuation of 30 best Loan Apps in Nigeria

Below is a continuation of the loan apps in Nigeria:

16. Aella credit

17. Lendigo

18. 9Credit

19. IMoney

20. Ajeloan

21. Migo

22. ICredit

23. Across cash

24. Kashnow

25. Cashlion

26. GGnaira

27. Easynaira

28. GGmoney

29. Nairaplus

30. Fast money

Factors to Consider When Accessing Loans in Nigeria

  • Understand the interest rate of the platform
  • Consider the duration of the loan app
  • Always consider the safety of your data
  • Repayment period of the loan
  • Read carefully to understand the terms and conditions of the loan company


There are still other several loan apps in Nigeria which we have not listed in this article. However, we have done our best to bring you the 30 best loan app in Nigeria to access loan. 

Before applying for any loan in this country, it is essential you carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the platform. This is because most loan companies have recently started harassing their customers.

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