Loans For The Unemployed In Ghana -2024


Loans for the Unemployed In Ghana

Are you looking for loans in Ghana, but can't have access to any because you are unemployed? Do not worry, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the loans for the unemployed in Ghana.

Collateral has made it difficult for many people to access loans in Ghana. Many banks and savings and loans companies prefer offering loans to individuals employed in the government or private sectors.

However, there's good news. In recent times, many savings and loans companies have come out with a plan and means to grant loans to unemployed individuals in Ghana. You can access most of these loans through the companies' websites, forums or apps.

These loans do not require collateral or paper work to apply. All you need is a smart phone or computer with good internet connection. Continue reading to find out some of the loans for the unemployed in Ghana.

Requirements to apply for loans in Ghana

Every loan app or website has its own application requirements applicant must meet before his loan will be approved. Here are some of the requirements you must meet before getting a loan in Ghana.

  • Applicant must have mobile money or bank account registered on his name
  • He must a valid ID card (Voters, ECOWAS NHIS or Passport)
  • He must also live and work in Ghana

Note : Some loan companies may request for your payslip or bank account statement before approving your loan.

List of Loans For the Unemployed in Ghana 

Below are some of the apps and websites to get loan from in Ghana as an unemployed person.

  • Fido Loan App
  • Ziddish Loan App
  • MTN QwikLoan
  • SikaPurse Loan
  • OZE SME loans

Fido loan App

Fido loan app is number one in our list because it is one of the most common and popular platforms to get loan in Ghana without necessarily being employed. With Fido loan, you can pay for your business or fees.

Benefits of Fido loan

  1. You do not need to be employed to request for a loan
  2. You can apply with your smart phone; anytime and anywhere
  3. Fido loan does not have any hidden charges
  4. No paperwork, no waiting in bank queues
  5. Money is disbursed instantly when your application is approved

What you need to apply

  1. A valid national identification card (Voters, ECOWAS or Passport)
  2. Mobile money account (Vodacash, MTN mobile money)
  3. Applicant must also be 18 years of age, and above

How to apply for Fido loan in Ghana

  1. Go to Google Play Store to download and install the app
  2. Fill in your details and enter your loan amount
  3. You will receive an immediate loan decision
  4. If approved, you will receive your money instantly into your mobile money wallet.

Zidish Loan

It is an online borrowing platform that allows all persons to access its loans. Zidish is available in other Africa countries such as Nigeria. Zidish has a positive review from its users meaning the app is safe and legit.

Members can get as high as ¢1,000 for the first time of application depending on your supporting documents.

How to get Zidish Loan

  • Applicant must have a smart phone with good internet connection
  • Must have something doing so you can be able to repay your loan
  • Applicant must also be able to secure recommendations from people in his Community

MTN Qwikloan

Another platform to get loan in Ghana without collateral is Qwikloan from MTN. MTN Qwikloan provides the opportunity for its customers to access quick loans on platform. The process of application is simple, and almost every MTN user can be able to access it.

How to apply for MTN Qwikloan

  • Dial *170# on your mobile phone
  • Select option 5 (financial services)
  • Choose option 3 (loans)
  • Select one of the loans option (Ahomka, or qwikloan)
  • Select option 1 and enter the loan amount you are requesting for
  • Choose your repayment plan and enter your password for approval

Once your loan application is approved, your money will be paid directly into your mobile money wallet.


OZE SME is a business organization that partners with financial institutions to provide loans to small business owners who constantly use the OZE SME laon app.

With OZE SME Loan app, you can get as high as ¢10,000 with a very low interest rate for Ghanaian customers. SME loan can be paid over a period of 12 months in installments. 

To be considered for SME loan, applicant has to be an active user of the app for a period of 30 days. After 30 days, you must contact an OZE coach, who will email you an application form, and check your mobile money statement, allowing you to begin the application process right away.

Click here to begin the OZE SME Loan application process.

SikaPurse loan

The platform offers flexible loans products to its customers. It is another platform to apply for loan as unemployed person in Ghana.

Steps to get SikaPurse loan

  • Install SikaPurse loan app from Google Play Store
  • Register your account by filling in your basic information
  • Apply online with your preferred loan amount

Once approved, you will receive your loan straight to your bank account. Repay your loan in time or complete Increase Limit tasks to build your credit limit and reduce the interest rate.

Benefits of SikaPurse loan

  • There are no hidden charges
  • You can borrow up to GH¢5,000
  • You can choose your payment tenure
  • SikaPurse is secure, reliable and flexible
  • They are available 24 hours, every day of the week

Eligibility for application

  • Applicant must be a resident of Ghana
  • He/She must be between 22 - 55 years old
  • In addition to the above, applicant must also have a source of income to be able to repay his loan


The above apps are some of the platforms to get loan in Ghana as an unemployed person. There are other loans for the unemployed individuals in Ghana that we have not been able to capture in this article.

It is important you know that most of the loan application process is not easy as advertised. Before applying for any of these loans, I suggest you read a lot on the terms and conditions before applying.

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