What does the Bible really say about Women preachers?


   The topic of whether women can be ordained as Pastors remains one of the most controversial topics in the history of Christianity. In Orthodox Christianity, women are not allowed to preach nor become pastors in the Church.

What does the Bible say about women preachers?

Women preachers such as Ellen G. White, Joyce Meyer, Bobie Houston are seen as going against the Lord’s command.

For instance, Christianity.com states ‘’women are important in church meetings and ministry, but not in preaching and being a pastor in front of the denomination. Women have a huge responsibility in the Church. Women are in charge of making sure that the pastors, preachers, and leaders in Church are good stewards’’

Where does this idea come from? In one of Paul’s letters to Timothy, he stated that women are not permitted to teach in Churches, but to remain quite.

“I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet”( 1 Timothy 2:12)

What then can we say about women pastors?

The Church, therefore, based on the above and other verses has come to the conclusion that women are not allowed to preach nor become preachers in the Church.

However, some Christians have different opinion on this. They use some female prophets such as Deborah, Miriam and others to show that women can be Pastors.

They also point to Priscilla in the New Testament. She and her husband, Acquilla ministered together. Another example is Lydia in Acts 16. Her entire household was baptised and her home became a meeting place for early Christians

‘’1 Timothy 2 does not say women can’t preach in Church. Those who conclude that misinterpret the verse. There’s no where in the Bible the Lord forbids women from preaching in the Church’’ says one Christian.

If the Bible really said in 1 Timothy that women can’t be preachers why do many try to reinterpret the verse to suit their agenda? Or could it be that the Church is rather the one misinterpreting Paul’s letter?

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What are your thoughts on this? Based on the scripture, can women be Pastors or not?

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