Why Do Catholics Worship Mary?

Why do Catholics worship Mary?

Why do Catholics worship Mary? Why do Catholics pray to Mary? In this article, we are going to answer all the your questions. Continue reading to learn.

When I was growing up as a kid, I was often told by my Protestant friends that Roman Catholics are idolaters because they worship Mary as a god. Even today, many non-Catholics still accuse the church of practicing heresy because of the rosary prayers. But do Catholics really worship Mary? Find out here.

Who was Virgin Mary?

Saint Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ was a 1st century Galilean Jewish woman of Nazareth, and the wife of Joseph.

Mary was described as a virgin in the New Testament and even in the Quran. The Gospels were silent about the parents of Mary, but according to some 2nd century apocrypha writings, She was the daughter of Anne and Joachim. 

Mary is venerated with a special cult, called by St. Thomas Aquinas, hyperdulia, as the holiest of all creatures. The main events of her life are celebrated as liturgical feasts of the universal Church. 

Today, Mary is being venerated in the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern orthodox and some few Christian denominations. According to some Christians, Mary remained a virgin throughout her life. A doctrine called Perpetual Virginity of Mary

Why do Catholics, Eastern Orthodox worship Mary? Now, we are to answer the long awaited question: Why do Catholics worship Mary? First of all, Nether Eastern orthodox nor Catholics worship Mary. When Catholics pray to Mary they are not worshipping her, rather they are honoring her and asking for her intercession on their behalf.

Do Catholics worship Mary?

The simple answer is No. As I said earlier, Catholics do not worship Mary. When Catholics pray to Mary they are not worshipping her, rather they are honoring her and asking for her intercession on their behalf — in fact, more than praying “to” her, we pray “with” Mary, asking her to pray with and for us

No Catholics will agree with me that Mary is divine. Mary is not God and therefore cannot answer prayers.

Catholics pray to Mary with the hope that she will act as intercessor between the believer and God.

One Catholic put it this way; ' ' We honor Mary, because God himself honored her.   He chose her out of all the women in the world to bear his son.   Mary said yes to God and gave birth to baby Jesus, but she could have said no.   We look up to Mary as the greatest saint in our church because she said yes to God' ' .

In a nutshell, Catholics do not worship Mary. Catholics pray through Mary with the hope that their prayers would be answered through her intercession.

When Catholics pray the rosary, the entire rosary is a reflection or meditation, about the life of Jesus.  The rosary tells stories about the angel visiting Mary, Mary visiting Elizabeth, the birth of baby Jesus, his presentation in the temple and the time he got lost as a child and his parents were worried sick about him.  The rosary tells the stories about Jesus being baptized, changing the water into wine, preaching to the crowds, being transfigured into a vision of light, and his last supper with the disciples. Then the rosary tells us about Jesus’ agony in the garden, his beating at the pillars, and the crowning of thorns, when he carried his cross, his crucifixion and later, his resurrection and ascension into heaven.

Most Catholics believe that Just as the mystery of the Trinity cannot be fully understood by the finite mind, so is the intercessory of Mary. If Jesus is God how could he be a mediator between man and himself?

The first commandment clearly states that we should worship God alone. Therefore, only God deserves worship and adoration. Worshiping Mary or the other saints would clearly be idolatry. To venerate is to “honor” or “respect” someone. Only God is holy—the fountain of all holiness—and all holiness found within the saints and Mary comes from God. We venerate Mary because of the special grace that is within her.

Finally why would a Christian not have love and respect for Mary? She is Jesus’ mother. Many protestant groups pay little or no attention to the Mother of God. Some groups even go as far as saying that she was just a vessel to give birth to Jesus; that she’s not important! Imagine going up to your own mother and saying “Mom, your not that important you were just a vessel used to give birth to me,” how would this make her feel?

 The same goes for the Mother of God, even more so because she is the Mother of God and our Mother, The Holy Spirit deemed her  “most blessed amongst women” (Luke 1:42). How can some Christian groups say they love Jesus but then be indifferent to his mother? I don’t think Jesus would be very happy.


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