How to Redeem 1foryou Voucher



How to Redeem 1foryou Voucher

1ForYou vouchers are an innovative way to manage your money in South Africa, enabling you to top up your favorite digital wallets, pay at participating retailers and Spaza shops, and settle your bills conveniently. This guide will take you through the process of redeeming your 1ForYou voucher and offer troubleshooting advice should you run into any issues.

How to Redeem 1foryou Voucher

Follow the points below to redeem your voucher:
Top Up Partner Wallets 

Using your 1ForYou voucher to top up partner wallets is a breeze. This method allows you to fund various digital wallets from different service providers. Here's how to go about it:

  • Use your 1ForYou voucher to top up the balance of partnered services directly. The supported partners are listed on the 1ForYou website: here.

  • To redeem:

    • Go to the website or app of the specific partner you want to top up (e.g., Betway, DStv, MTN).

    • Find the option to top up using a 1ForYou voucher.

    • Enter your 16-digit 1ForYou PIN and confirm the transaction.

    • The desired amount will be credited to your partner account.

Remember, different platforms may have different top-up procedures, so be sure to follow the specific instructions provided by your chosen digital wallet. And voila! You've successfully topped up your partner wallet using your 1ForYou voucher. Isn't that convenient?

Pay at Spaza Shops  

Another way to redeem 1foryou voucher is to use your voucher to pay at Spaza shops. With your 1ForYou voucher in hand, it's easy to enjoy shopping at any participating Spaza shops. Here's your step-by-step guide on how to make that happen:

  • Look for stores displaying the green and black Flash cow sign, indicating they accept 1ForYou vouchers for payment.

  • To redeem:

    • Present your 16-digit 1ForYou PIN at the checkout when paying for your purchase.

    • The cashier will enter the PIN and deduct the corresponding amount from your voucher.

With your 1ForYou voucher, paying at Spaza shops is a hassle-free experience. Enjoy the simplicity and convenience that comes with using this innovative payment method.

Pay Participating Retailers 

Taking your shopping spree to a whole new level of convenience, the 1ForYou voucher makes it easy to pay at participating retailers across South Africa. Here's a step-by-step guide to show you how:

  • Locate a Participating Retailer:  Many retailers throughout South Africa accept 1ForYou vouchers. Make sure to verify that your favorite retailer is one of them before beginning your shopping adventure.

  • Shopping Time Once you've confirmed that your chosen retailer accepts 1ForYou vouchers, feel free to fill up your shopping cart with all the goodies you desire.

  • Pay with Your 1ForYou Voucher: When you're ready to check out, present your 1ForYou voucher to the cashier. They will either scan the voucher or manually input the unique 16-digit pin that comes with it.

  • Confirm the Payment: The cashier will then input the total cost of your purchases into their system and deduct it from the value of your voucher. If the value of your voucher covers the total cost, your purchase will be approved. If your voucher doesn't have enough funds to cover the entire cost, you'll need to pay the difference using another payment method.

  • Ask for a Receipt: Always ensure that you receive a receipt at the end of your transaction. This document will list all your purchases, the total cost, and any remaining balance on your 1ForYou voucher if there is any left.

  • Check Your Voucher Balance: If there are still funds remaining on your voucher, you can use them for future purchases either at the same retailer or any other participating retailer. You can verify the remaining balance on your voucher at any time using the 1ForYou app.

Making payments at participating retailers using your 1ForYou voucher is not only convenient but also adds an extra layer of security to your transactions. Embrace this innovative payment solution and enjoy a stress-free shopping experience.

Pay Bills 

Paying your bills with 1ForYou vouchers is a game-changer, offering the utmost convenience and control over your expenses. Just follow these easy steps to pay your bills using your 1ForYou voucher:

  • Identify your biller: Ensure that your service provider or biller accepts 1ForYou vouchers as a payment method. Many utilities, insurance, and telecom providers accept 1ForYou vouchers.

  • Visit the provider’s payment platform: Log on to your service provider's website or open their app. Navigate to the payment or billing section. Here you'll usually find an option for 'Pay Bills', 'Make Payment' or something similar.

  • Select 1ForYou as your payment method: Choose 1ForYou voucher from the available payment options. This selection will typically be found under a drop-down menu or listed amongst various payment options.

Paying bills with your 1ForYou voucher takes the stress out of bill payments and puts control back in your hands. So why wait? Start managing your bills smarter today with 1ForYou vouchers.

What to Do If You Encounter Problems When Redeeming

We understand that sometimes technology can throw us a curveball, and you might face some hiccups while trying to redeem your 1ForYou voucher. But, don't worry! Here are some practical solutions you can try:

  • Check your voucher PIN: It's easy to miskey a digit when you're entering a 16-digit pin. Take a moment to double-check the pin on your voucher and ensure you've entered it correctly. Remember, the pin is case sensitive.

  • Ensure your voucher is still valid: 1ForYou vouchers have a validity period. If your voucher is expired, it will not be accepted. Check the validity of your voucher via the 1ForYou app or contact 1ForYou customer service.

  • Verify if your service provider accepts 1ForYou vouchers: While many retailers, Spaza shops, and service providers accept 1ForYou vouchers, not all do. Confirm if your chosen service provider or retailer accepts 1ForYou as a payment method.

  • Confirm you have sufficient funds on your voucher: If the purchase amount exceeds the value on your 1ForYou voucher, your transaction will be declined. Use the 1ForYou app to check your voucher balance.

Encountering problems when trying to redeem your 1ForYou voucher can be frustrating, but these troubleshooting tips should help you resolve most issues. Keep in mind, the primary goal is to make your financial transactions simpler and more convenient, and a small glitch should not discourage you from using this innovative payment method. After all, the convenience and benefits that 1ForYou vouchers provide far outweigh the occasional technical hiccup. So, stay calm, carry on, and continue enjoying the convenience that comes with using your 1ForYou voucher.


In a world where convenience and security are increasingly crucial, 1ForYou vouchers are indeed a game changer. Whether you are topping up your digital wallet, settling bills, shopping at your favorite retailers or local Spaza shops, these vouchers simplify transactions while providing an added layer of security.

We hope this guide has clarified how to redeem your 1ForYou voucher and troubleshoot any potential issues. Remember, in the face of a technological hiccup, stay patient and follow the tips we've shared. The innovation and ease that 1ForYou vouchers offer far surpass any minor bumps you may encounter along the way. So, go ahead and dive into this world of financial convenience and control, enjoying the simplicity and safety offered by 1ForYou vouchers. Happy shopping, bill paying, and budget managing!

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