Loan Apps Without ATM Card in Nigeria

Loan apps without ATM card in Nigeria

 Loan apps have become some of the easiest ways to get loan online at the comfort of your home. While it is true some loans require you to withdraw your cash from the ATM, many do not. Through enormous research, we have compiled a list of some of the best loan apps without ATM card in Nigeria.

These loans without ATM card indicates that you do not need an ATM machine to cash out. All you need is to apply and waif for disbursement. Some disbursement may take several minutes while others may take up to 3 working days.

However, it is always recommended that before applying for any online loan in Nigeria, you should always read the terms and conditions of each loan. This is due to the recent harassment by most loan apps. Continue reading to learn all the loan apps in Nigeria without ATM card.

Loan Apps Without ATM Card in Nigeria 

Here are some of the popular loans to apply for with any ATM card:

1. Palmcredit

It is number one on our list because it is one of the top loan apps in Nigeria to access without ATM card. Palmcredit has over 5 million downloads and a positive review of more than 100k. You can borrow up to N300,000 on this platform.

2. FairMoney

FairMoney claims to be the number one most downloaded fintech app in Nigeria. The platform is one of the best apps to get instant loan from. It has over 5 million users in the country. 

Aside loans, FairMoney also also allows users to invest and save money on the platform. You can get business and personal loans up to 5 million Naira and 3 million Naira respectively on the platform.

3. Carbon Loan

Carbon loan is a licensed online money lending platform that provides personal and business loans in Nigeria. Applying a loan on this platform is simple and fast. You do not need to fill long forms, guarantors, or collateral. All you need is to download the app and follow the instructions to apply.

4. Mpaso Lending App

Mpaso loan app is considered one of the popular and most legit loan apps in Nigeria. The platform allows users to borrow money and paid later. It is available in other countries such as Tanzania, South Africa, and Egypt.

5. Okash

Another safe and reliable online loan app in Nigeria is the Okash loan app. It has over 5 million downloads and more than 100k positive ratings. Borrowers can get up to N500,000 loan on the app. Repayment period is usually between 91 days and 12 months.

6. QuickCheck

It is a loan app without ATM card in Nigeria where you can get loans. This means that on QuickCheck loan platform, you do not need a an ATM credit card to access their loans. It is one of the loan apps that disburses funds in less than 5 minutes when approved. You can get up to N1,000,000 loan on QuickCheck.

7. KiaKia Loan

KiaKia is a financial platform that provides short-term commercial and individual loans in Nigeria. You can get a loan on the platform without collateral. To apply for a loan on this platform, you must be a resident of Nigeria or Ghana, has a valid ID, bank account statement, above the age of 21, and an active email address.

8. Branch Loan

Branch loan should have been number one on our list as the most legit and downloaded loan app in Nigeria. It has over 40 million downloads on Play Store and more than 1 million reviews. The platform allows users to borrow money, pay bill and invest money.

You can receive your loan up to N500,000. Monthly interest rate is from 3% to 23%. Repayment period is usually from 62 days to 12 months. Download Branch loan from Play Store and apply for your loan.

9. Aella Credit

Aella credit is another loan app in Nigeria where you can access a loan without a credit card. It offers services such as savings, investments, and loans. You can download the app and follow the steps to apply for your loan.

10. Easy Credit

Easy Credit is one of the popular loan apps without ATM card in Nigeria. The disbursement process is quick and easy. All you need is to visit Google Play Store and download the app, create your Easy Credit account, submit any necessary documents and wait for your funds.

11. Paylater

Another loan app in Nigeria with a very low interest rate is the Paylater loan app. The platform was released in 2022 with the aim of making online loans accessible to all persons in the country. You can download and install the app to apply for your loans.

12. Lendigo

Lendigo is a lending app that offers loans to small-scale businesses according to their business requirements. The platform provides fast, reliable, and flexible loan apps to business owners in Nigeria.

On this app, you can borrow up to 10 million Naira. It also has flexible low interest rates. You can apply and get credited in minutes. 

Requirements for Getting a Loan in Nigeria

  • You must be a permanent or legal resident of Nigeria
  • Applicant need to have a valid national ID
  • He or she must have a bank account or mobile money to be able to receive the loan

Final Statement

There are several other loan apps without ATM card in Nigeria which we have not added to this article. We have filtered some of the best loan apps so as to make your reading easier. If you have any other questions related to loan apps in Nigeria, you can ask your question in the comments section.

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