How to Turn R100 into R1000 in a Week Online



How to turn r100 into r1000 in a week
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How do I invest R100 and earn over R1000 in a week? If you are here looking for ways to turn or double your R100 within a week, we got your back. In this article, we will teach you how to turn r100 into r1000 in a week online in South Africa.

It is true turning R100 into that amount in a week can be challenging, as it involves some level of risk and may not always be achievable within such a short time. However, that does not mean it cannot be achieved.

One of the popular ways to double your money is through investment or online business. It is also essential to understand that most investments are risky and you may not achieve that results. Keep reading to learn some of the popular ways to turn R100 into R1000 online.

How to Turn R100 into R1000 in a Week Online in South Africa

Below are some of the online jobs to achieve your goal of turning R100 into R600 or more:

1. Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading has gained the attention of many online job seekers in recent days. It is one of the fastest ways to get rich working online. Cryptocurrency trading is simply the selling and buying of cryptocurrencies with the aim of earning profit.

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency to trade. You can turn R100 into R1000 through Bitcoin trading. However, before trading Bitcoin, it is essential to consider the volatility. Bitcoin is highly volatile making it a risky trading job. 

More on Bitcoin trading

  • Learn and research more on everything about Bitcoin trading or investment
  • Also try to understand Bitcoin trading strategy
  • Get a legit and simple Bitcoin wallet such as Binance or Trust Wallet
  • Create and validate your account
  • Make your first deposit and start trading

2. Cryptocurrency Investment

Cryptocurrency investment is another cool way to make money online at the comfort of your home. You can invest R100 in Bitcoin and get double of it the next day. This is because cryptocurrency prices fluctuate, and can easily go up or down at any time.

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There are several ways to invest in cryptocurrency: by buying Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency and store until the price goes up or invest in cryptocurrency stocks online.

3. Entrepreneurial Ventures

Another way to try and double your R100 in just a week is to start a small business. Some of the popular businesses to achieve this is by selling handmade crafts, buying and selling goods, offering a service, and many others. However, turning 

4. Online Investment Apps and Websites

Online investment platforms are some of the cool ways to double your money within a week or two. Online investment apps allow investors to invest small money with the aim of making profit.

There are some online investment apps or websites that allow users to invest as low as R10. Even though most platform do not allow weekly withdrawal, you can still be able to withdraw provided you contact their customer support.

Example of some of the popular and most legit investment platforms include, Robinhood investment app, interactive brokers LLC, Ally invest, Betterment, and Fundraise.

5. Lending Platforms

 Another way to turn r100 into r1000 online is to lend money to people. Some online platforms offer peer-to-peer lending, which allows you to earn interest by lending your money to others. However, there are inherent risks, and it may not guarantee a high return within a week


There are several other way to double your money within a week online which we have stated in this article. We hope by going through this post, you have learnt how to turn r100 into r11000 in a week online in South Africa.

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