31 Debate Topics for Primary Schools in Nigeria

Debate Topics For Primary Schools in Nigeria


How do I get some of the best debates for my primary school kid? What latest debates are available for primary school kids? Since you are here, it is obvious you are looking for debate topics for your ward. We got your back. Herd, you will learn some of the popular debate topics for primary schools in Nigeria.

Debating is one of the best learning strategies to help boost your kids intelligence quotient. Children who indulge in debates are able to develop a strong opinion on everything. Children who also debate are likely to become strong and eloquent speakers.

All the latest debates for primary schools in Nigeria listed in this article will help boost your kids debating and cognitive skills. Keep reading to discover some of the best debate topics for primary school kids.

List of Debate Topics for Primary Schools in Nigeria

  1. Should kids be allowed to watch whatever they want on TV?
  2. Should it be a must to have PE lectures for all students?
  3. Must parents look at their kids’ phones?
  4. Should children be allowed to eat whatever they want?
  5. Should kids be allowed to use mobile phones in primary school? Debate
  6. The rich should not give money to the poor in society. If yes why, and if no why?
  7. Kids should not be allowed on social media such as TikTok
  8. Teacher and a Doctor, which one is better? Write for or against the motion
  9. Corporal punishment should be banned in primary schools
  10. Social media has done more harm than good. True or false?
  11. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) should be included in the basic school syllabus
  12. A farmer and a teacher, who is more important?
  13. Private schools are better than public schools. Write for or against the motion
  14. Children should not be allowed to play video games
  15. Should teachers be replaced by computers? Write for or against the motion
  16. Should the internet be banned from the school’s premises?
  17. Grades in the primary schools should be abolished
  18. Between movies and books, which one is more educational?
  19. Primary schools’ children should not be made to wear school uniform
  20. Do video games trigger violence in the society?
  21. Should school children vote during the elections?
  22. Female education is better than male education. True or false?
  23. Should teachers be blamed for students’ failure?
  24. Money and education, which one is more important?
  25. Should religious activities be allowed in primary schools?
  26. Rapist should be allowed to face the death penalty in the society
  27. Should girls be allowed to play all sports games?
  28. Is women place the kitchen? Write for or against the motion
  29. Should age be a factor if a kid is joining school?
  30. Should there be right time for children to watch TV?
  31. Primary school kids be allowed to go for field trips

Benefits of Engaging in Debates

Below are some of the advantages of debating:

  • Debates allow children to be able to speak in large audience without being nervous
  • Children who engage in debate activities are able to think and analyse things on their own
  • Debate increases children's intelligent quotient of a child and also boosts his cognitive skills
  • Kids who debate are also able to analyze situations and come out with a better solution or point raised by the opponent 
  • Debate also helps kids to become better emotional and understanding people in the society

Qualities of a Good Debater

If you want to become a good debater, you should adopt the following qualities:

  • You should be able to speak fluently and clear
  • A good debater should be clear and direct with his or her points
  • He or she should be able to make eye contact with the opponent
  • You should also be calm and avoid raising your voice at your opponents
  • A good debater should be able to listen attentively

There are several debate topics for primary schools in Nigeria which we have not listed here. However, we hope these ones would be sufficient enough for your debate activities. If you have any other questions related to debate topics for primary schools, you can drop your question in the comments section.

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