Win Money Competitions in South Africa in 2024


                          Win Money Competitions in South Africa


Are there any latest competitions available to get money? Which competitions can I enter to win money? Since you are here, it is obvious you are looking for ways to get money through any of the current win money competitions in South Africa. You have come to the right place. Here, you will discover all the competitions available to get money.

Win money competitions are held each year to gift competitors cash. Some of these competitions are free while others require you to invest small money. These competitions are usually held from January to December each year. 

Since these competitions are seasonal, it is likely by the time you are reading this article, some of the competitions might have passed. However, we will keep updating you on any current online competitions to win money in South Africa.

Win Money Competitions in South Africa 2024

Below are some popular competitions to get money in this country:

1. Nedbank R250 000 Holiday Competition

This competition provides the opportunity for residents in the country to win cash by competing. Nedbank Holiday Competition is sponsored by Nedbank. Competition usually starts from October and ends in December.

To enter into this competition, participants must be over 18 years of age, must be permanent residents of South Africa and must be an existing customer of Nedbank Gold Credit Card.

Participants could win real cash worth over two hundred and fifty thousand rands. Aside this cash, competitors can also win travel tickets and choose where to go. This is usually sponsored by Travelstart. Winners can choose the number of people to go with them.

2. National Sea Rescue Team Competition

You can also win money through the National Sea Rescue Team competition. There are terms and conditions of this competition. Competitors are required to read all the terms and conditions before applying.

To win a money through this competition, all you need is to donate about R25 a month and stand a chance of winning R750,00. There are several prizes available for competitors. Participants can compete as many times as they wish.

3. Equazen Back to School 2024 Competition

Another competitions to win money in South Africa is the Equazen Back to School 2023 Competition. The competition is opened to all permanent residents of the country. The competition is usually organized by the SFISA.

Competitors must meet certain requirements such as the minimum age, must be permanent or legal residents of the country, and should understand the terms and conditions of the competition.

This competition usually commences in January and ends in February. As at the time of writing this, the competition might still be ongoing. Winners will be rewarded R5,000 towards their school fees.

4. Win R5,000 on 947

This is one of the current competitions to win money in this country. The competition is opened to all legal residents of South Africa. To enter into this competition, all you need is to keep listening to Anele and the club on 947 radio. 

Once you are listening, you can guess the country which Thandi is visiting on their fun clue. The competition starts at 6am and closes around 9am daily. To enter this competition, just text the word "Cudbury", your full name, id number, and your answer to this WhatsApp number 061 494 7947.

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5. Radio 2000 Birthday Competition

Last on our list is the Radio 2000 Birthday Competition. Just like others, the competition is opened to all permanent residents in this country. It usually lasts about four weeks, and competitors can win up to R37 000 in prize money.

Radio 2000 Birthday Competition is absolutely free, and all participants are welcome to compete. Winners will receive about R250 each. All you need to enter into this competition is to text "Radio 200 37" to 45690.

Understanding Competitions to Win Money in South Africa

  • All competitors need to read the terms and conditions of each competition before registering
  • Most competitions to win money are seasonal, therefore, some might have closed as at the time of you reading this
  • Most win money competitions are free of charge


We hope that by going through this article, you have understood some of the win money competitions in South Africa in 2024. There are other competitions which we have not added to this list.

It is essential to understand what most online competitions are seasonal. You therefore need to keep visiting this site to check whether there are news information on win money competitions. 

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