How to Find the Perfect Name for your Business


 Here’s the Key to Nailing Your Business Name and Making Sure it Creates a Big Impact

How to Find the Perfect Name for your Business

Brand naming is one of the most vital decisions you'll make as a business owner. It’s the foundation of your identity and will define how customers, prospects, and the public view your product or service.

While it may seem like a challenge, there are some simple steps you can take that'll guarantee your name aligns with your core messaging.  

Here are the Keys to Nailing the Perfect Business Name

1.    Align Your Name with Your Core Messaging

Your brand name should reflect your company’s values and mission. It should also be memorable and easy to pronounce. Consider metaphors, visual imagery, and emotions that best represent the essence of your brand.

For example, the popular cosmetics brands Sephora and Celine use soothing and appealing names to evoke a feeling of luxury. Similarly, the outdoor clothing company Patagonia—through its logo—uses the visual imagery of a mountain range to convey its commitment to environmentalism.

2.    Brainstorming Names

Brainstorming is the most crucial part of the naming process. Start by considering words, phrases, and ideas that reflect your brand’s values and mission. Be creative and look for inspiration in unexpected places.

You can also consider crowdsourcing and other creative ways to generate names. Consider asking friends, family, and colleagues for input, or even post a name suggestion contest online.

Once you’ve gathered some great brand name suggestions, add them to your list and narrow it down to your top ten favorites.

Top 10 Brand Names to Get You Inspired

  1. Apple: The company uses the name of a familiar fruit to evoke feelings of simplicity and innovation.
  2. Nike: This name was inspired by the Greek goddess of victory and is associated with determination, strength, and courage.
  3. Amazon: This name was inspired by the mighty Amazon river and did an excellent job associating Jeff Bezos’ Amazon with power and abundance.
  4. Coca-Cola : This name was inspired by the coca leaf and kola nut, two key ingredients in the soda.
  5. Starbucks: This name was inspired by the classic novel Moby-Dick and evoked feelings of adventure and discovery.
  6. McDonald’s: This name was inspired by the founder’s last name and is associated with quality and family.
  7. Microsoft: This name was inspired by the words “microcomputer” and “software” and embodies technology and innovation.
  8. Toyota: This name was inspired by the founder’s last name and has come to be known for reliability and dependability.
  9. Samsung: This name was inspired by the Korean words for “three stars” and is associated with power, ambition, and success.
  10. Google: This name was inspired by the mathematical term “googol” and aligned with intelligence, creativity, and knowledge.

3.    Validate Your Names with Trademark Research

How to Find the Perfect Name for your Business

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of names, it’s important to visit the USPTO and do some trademark research. This way, you can make sure your name isn’t already taken by another brand or company. If it is, you’ll need to come up with a new one.

4.    Audience Testing

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of names and done some trademark research, it’s time to do some audience testing. This will help you determine which name draws attention and inspires action and which name best aligns with your brand ideas.

Be careful what questions you ask, as this can shape your customer’s response. Ask your audience to pick a name that best represents your brand or which name they would most likely buy from. Avoid asking leading questions or anything that could influence the results.


Naming your brand is an important decision, but with a little bit of research and creativity, you'll be able to find the perfect name for your business. Align your name with your core messaging, brainstorm ideas, and validate your names with trademark research. Finally, use audience testing to make your final decision.

Grant Polachek is the head of branding at, a 3X Inc. 5000 company offering groundbreaking naming services. Through our analysis of over a million names, we’ve created a list of the top names on the web. As the number one crowdsourcing platform in the world, we've helped Fortune 500s and early-stage ventures find the most appealing name for their business.

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