10 Regions In Ghana and their Festivals


10 Regions In Ghana and their Festivals

Ghana is a West African country with a strong cultural practices which includes festivals. There are intriguing festivals that every local or foreigner should experience at least once in his lifetime.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 regions in Ghana and their festivals. There are currently over 10 major festivals celebrated in Ghana each year.

Importance of Festivals In Ghana

Below is a list of some of the reasons we celebrate festivals in Ghana 

  • Festivals are celebrated in Ghana to plan developmental projects. Festivals are used as an occasion to to meet and plan developmental projects.
  • We celebrate festivals to thank the Almighty God and the lesser gods for their guidance and protection.
  • Another benefit of festivals is resolution of disputes. Festivals are used as a medium to settle family and individual disputes for peaceful co-existence.
  • Another reason for celebrating festivals in Ghana is to promote tourism. This helps to generate revenue for the country.
  • Also, festivals are celebrated in order to purify the gods. During this period, ancestral stools are cleaned to perform important rituals.

  • List of 10 Regions In Ghana and their Festivals 

    Here are the 10 regionsvof Ghana and their festivals

    1. Greater Accra Region

    The festival celebrated by the people of Greater Accra region is called Homowo which literally means ''hooting at hunger". 

    10 Regions In Ghana and their Festivals

    The festival begins with the sowing of millet by the traditional priest in May. After the sowing, thirty-day ban on drumming is imposed on the land by the priests.

    During the Homowo period, the people of the kingdom celebrate with a feast. Most households store enough food that lasts for weeks.

    2. Northern Region

    Northern region is a multicultural environment, and therefore has different kinds of festivals. There are over 10 festivals in the Northern region of Ghana. However, the most popular ones are Damba, Jintigi (fire festival), Bugum Chugu (fire), Kpini Chugu (Guinea fowl festival), Gobandawu (Yam) festival.money by playing games. The app is available for both android and iOS. Play games, collect tickets and win real money prizes. You can win up to N100,000 per week.

    These festivals are celebrated by the Dagbons, Gonjas, Mamprusis, Mamprugui and Nanumbas in the Northern region.

    3. Central Region

     This region has the highest number of festival celebrations throughout the year in Ghana. These include: Edina Buronya (local version of Christmas),The Akwanbo festival, Aboakyer Festival (deer hunting), Bakatue festival (fish harvest) Akwambo festival (path clearing) Ahobaa festival (end of an epidemic), Odambea Festival (for the migration of the nkusukum), and the Fetu afahye festival (first contact with the whites).

    4. Upper East Region

    Another region with a lot of festivals in Ghana is Upper East. The region is the ancient crossroads for trans-Saharan trade routes, and it is also the entry way to Ghana from Burkina Faso.

    The festivals celebrated by the people of Upper East region are: Samanpiid festival, Gologo festival, Ndakoya festival, Boaram festival, Tengana festival, Fiok festival and Fao festival.

    5. Upper West Region

    Upper West region is located in the northwest region of Ghana, and bodered to the North by Burkina Faso. Upper West is believed to be one of the fastest growing region in Ghana.

    Festivals celebrated by the people of Upper West region are as follows: Paragbeili festival, Willa festival and Zumbenti festival. 

    6. Brong Ahafo Region

    Ahafo is the largest producer of food crops, cocia plantation and other agricultural products in Ghana. The region is normally termed as the "middle bed" because it lies between the South and North of Ghana.

    Festivals celebrated in the region are: Kwafie festival, Apoo festival, Munufie festival and Sasabobirim festival.

    7. Ashanti Region

    Ashanti region, also known as the "Kingdom of Gold" is the hub of the ancient territory of the Asante and still the heartland for all Asante people. Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana is the capital of the Ashanti kingdom.

    There are numerous festivals celebrated by the Ashanti people. These are Akwasidae festival, Papa festival, Kente festival, Nkyidwo festival, Adae Kese festival and Mmoaninko festival.

    8. Western Region

    The region located in the southern sector of Ghana. Sekondi-Takoradi is the twin city of the region. The region has a population of over 2,000,000 as at 2021.

    The festivals celebrated by the people in the region are Kundum festival, Eluo Yam festival and Nkronu festival. The most popular festival is the Kundum festival. Kundum is a harvest celebration as well as a religious feast.

    10 Regions In Ghana and their Festivals

    9. Eastern Region

    Odwira festival is the most popular festival celebrated by the people of Eastern region of Ghana.  It is celebrated by most especially the people of Akropong-Akuapim, Aburi, Larteh and Mamfi. The festival is celebrated as a historic victory over the Ashantis in the early 19th Century.

    Other festivals are Ohum festival, Dipo festival, Akwantukese festival, Ngmayem festival and Klovo Sikplemi festival.

    10. Volta Region

    The region is located West of the Republic of Togo and to the East of lake Volta if Ghana. Volta is a multilingual and multicultural region with Ho as its capital.

    The region is known for its colorful and boisterous celebrations. Some of the festivals in the Volta region are Anlo Hogbetsotso festival, Asogli yam festival (Teduduza), Amu (Rice) festival, Someruruza festival, and Dzawuwu festival.

    10 Regions In Ghana And Their Capitals

    Below is a list of the 10 regions in Ghana and their capital towns:

    1. Northern Region - Tamale

    2. Ashanti Region  -  Kumasi

    3. Greater Accra  -  Accra

    4. Upper West Region - Wa

    5. Upper East Region  -  Bolgatanga

    6. Western Region  -  Sekondi-Takoradi 

    7. Eastern Region  -  Koforidua 

    8. Brong Ahafo Region - Sunyani

    9. Central Region - Cape Cost

    10. Volta Region  -  Ho


    First of all, we do know there are currently 16 regions in Ghana. It is no mistake we have compiled a list of the previous 10 regions instead of the latest 16. We will update you on the 16 regions in Ghana and their festivals.

    Thank you for reading to the end. Support us by sharing this article to your friends to also learn the 10 regions of Ghana and their festivals.

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