Online Survey Sites to Earn Money From in Ghana - 2024


Online survey sites to earn money in Ghana

Looking for a way to make money online in Ghana through online surveys? You have come to the right place. Most legit online survey sites offer a number of online surveys every month for each person. You can earn decent money through these sites.

There are numerous sites and apps that offer you the opportunity to earn money from in Ghana when you share your opinions. Here, I am going to list the most legit survey sites to earn money from in Ghana.

Legit Survey Sites to Earn Money From in Ghana

  1. Triabia Ghana

Tribia Ghana is one of the most legit survey sites to earn money from in Ghana.  It offers you the possibility to make money online with surveys on your cell phone. Triabia surveys are quick and easy to fill. You just have to share your opinions and earn rewards.

Triabia Ghana pays between $0.13 to $2.25 for each online survey you complete.

How to Create Triabia Ghana Survey Account

  • Log into their website to sign up and click submit. Click here to join Triabia Ghana
  • An email will be sent to you for confirmation
  • Click on the link provided in the email that is sent to you.
  • Congratulations! You have sign up for Triabia Ghana

After confirmation, you should receive your first paid survey shortly after you have submitted your information through the sign up form. Withdrawal is through either PayPal or gift cards.

        2. InboxDollars

According to reports, InboxDollars is one of the most trusted survey sites to get paid for doing simple tasks such as playing games, watching videos, taking surveys. You can earn money from the site in Ghana

InboxDollars can reward you as high as $15-30 dollars depending on the task.

You will also receive a bonus of $5 once you you finish with the registration. You can withdraw via PayPal, check or other gift cards once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit. 

Despite the fact that the site is legit, it has limited offers for most developing countries of which Ghana is one.

3. ySense Survey

ySense Survey is an online platform that rewards people for taking online surveys, trying new products and services, downloading apps, signing up for websites and watching videos.

ySense is available in Ghana, and you can earn money by taking free surveys while influencing the next generation of products and services. ySense survey is simple and easy to take.

How to get started with ySense

  • Complete your survey profile by filling out the form
  • Confirm your email address sent to you
  • Once you have completed your profile, you are all set.

Start earning money by completing any of the survey links made available to you. You will receive payment through credit card or PayPal once you've reached the minimum withdrawal limit.

         4.  SurveySavvy

Companies pay consumers for their opinions on certain products. SurveySavvy is available in Ghana, and therefore you can earn money from it.

After completing your profile, the company use your information to target various demographic groups according to criteria established by their clients.

How to register for SurveySavvy

  1. Create your account by loggin into their website
  1. Complete your member profile
  1. Start earning by filling out surveys

It is important to keep your member profile active so you can appropriately be matched to survey opportunities.

Why SurveySavvy?

You earn rewards when you complete surveys. You get additional rewards when your direct referrals complete surveys.

What to look out for when taking online surveys in Ghana

  • It is important to watch out for fake sites when registering or creating account on any platform.
  • Never pay money to anybody or site when filling the application form
  • Be honest with your answers when you discover a legit survey site
  • Some survey sites will ban your account if you keep violating their rules.
  • It may take up to several days to withdraw from a survey site. Just be patient, you will soon reach the minimum withdrawal limit 


The above apps and websites are some of the online survey sites and apps to make money in Ghana. There are other sites to earn money through surveys in Ghana which have not been added here. It is important to know that, most of the surveys may take longer time before you cash out.

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