How to Make Money Online in Ghana - 2023

How to Make Money Online in Ghana

How can I make money online in Ghana? If you're in Ghana and thinking about how to make money online, you've come to the right place. In this article, we are going to teach you how to make money in Ghana with your smart phone or computer.

With the rise of unemployment in the country, many are now turning to other means to make a living. Making money online in Ghana can sometimes be frustrating if you don't get the right guidelines.
Here, we are going to guide you on how to make money online in Ghana.

There are a lot of reliable online jobs in Ghana you can work from home. Some require some specific skills, but a majority of them do not.

How to Make Money Online in Ghana

You can make money online in Ghana through the following ways:

1. Scooper Content Creator

Scooper is a news website that provides readers with current news across Africa and other continents. 

Scooper is a legit payment platform that really pay. Creators are paid between $0.6 - $1 depending on your writing skills.

The more people read your contents, the longer you stay in the platform. There are various niches available to choose from.

Most contents creators on the app earn closer to $150 or GHC1,000 per month. Payment is through either direct deposit to your bank account or mobile money. 

2.YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most profitable online businesses to start in Ghana. You can earn decent money by uploading original contents on YouTube.

Starting a YouTube Channel can sometimes be challenging because of the monetization requirements, but once you're able to monetize your channel, you can make decent income from it.

Most YouTubers earn between $100 - $5000 per 20000 views depending on your niche.

The average YouTuber earns about $500 per month.

 3. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular platforms to earn decent money from. To be a successful blogger, you will need to have excellent writing skills  and a good mastery of language you intend to use.

If you don't have money to start a blog, don't worry, Blogspot is a free blogging platform owned by Google which does not require you to purchase hosting.

Most bloggers earn between $100 - $5,000 per month depending on your expertise in the field. 

4. Survey Jobs

Survey Jobs are on the rise everyday. Many websites pay customers to give their opinions online. You can earn between $0.5 - $5 pee survey depending on your geographical location.

The most legit and trustworthy survey sites are Swagbucks, Survey junkie, InboxDollars, Triabia Ghana and Valued Opinions.

Some of the sites such as InboxDollars even reward you a bonus of $5 once you finish with the registration. You can always withdraw via PayPal, Check or other gift cards like Amazon.

5. Online Reviews

You can earn some money by writing reviews on products. Most companies will pay you to write reviews about their products.

First, you have to register with a renowned review website, after which you will be given certain products to research.

Websites such as Glassdoor, Truelancer, Jooble and freelancer pay customers to work on online review.

6.TikTok Content Creator

TikTok is one of the most fastest growing social media platforms in the world. It has over one billion monthly active users.

Becoming a content creator on TikTok can earn you some bucks. There are so many ways of making money from the app.

Most TikTokers earn between $100 - $10,000 for a branded video. Most influential TikTokers can make up to a million dollars per post.

In order to be included in the TikTok monetization partnership, creators should be able to meet certain requirements.

Read more here on How to make money on TikTok.

7. Opera news hub

Like scooper, opera news is an app where you can read all sort of news across Africa. Opera news pays its content creators to publish news and stories on the app.

Most Opera news writers are paid between $10 - $200 per month. Payment is via Mobile Money or direct bank deposit.

8. Freelancer

If you have skills in writing, freelancing is the perfect job for you.  You can earn a lot of money by writing articles.

According to sources, you can earn as high as $10,000 - $50,000 a year as a full time free lancer.

I remember few months ago I personally worked as a free lancer as a side hustle, and had earned over $900 in three months.

The best websites to register as a freelancer are Fiverr and Upwork.

9. Create An App

If you're a programmer, this is a perfect job for you.

You can earn money by creating apps such as video games, dating apps, money making apps and online survey apps such as Swagbucks.

After successful launching your app you can monetize it through admob.

Potential earning ranges from $500 - $1000 per month.

10. Make money on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media site in the world with nearly 3 billion monthly active users.

There are a few ways of making money on Facebook.

Create Facebook page, start uploading contents and in few months times you'll be able to monetize your Facebook page.

11. Data Entry Jobs

You can also make money online in Ghana by working as Data entry officer.

There are various websites such as indeed and Upwork that provide students with the opportunity to work from home.


The above are some of the ways to make money online in Ghana. It is important you take notice of sites that charge you to open or register account with them. Such sites are not legit. No online money making site will ask for your credit card pin or bank account details.

I believe the above guidelines would go a long way to help you in getting a job online in Ghana.

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