7 Behaviours about boys every girl hates in a relationship

Most often boys usually find it difficult to understand the type of behaviors and qualities that girls expect of them. After several interview with a couple of girls, I have come out with some behaviors of men that that are hazardous to their relationships. 

 1.Being addicted to video games 

 "I hate it when I visit him and he spends his time playing video games. I feel he does not love me" Said by Rachel during my interview with her

7 Behaviours about boys every girl hates in a relationship


2. Being Online without chatting to them

            It will surprise you to know that most ladies do not like it when when their guys are seen online without having to text them. According to the one lady I interviewed she claimed she broke up with her ex simply because she felt he was always texting other girls

3. Not checking on them

Most ladies often expect their guys to be checking on them regularly. It will surprise you to hear that Samira, one lady we interviewed, claimed she wanted a guy that would be checking on her several times a day. But the question is, doesn't the guy work?

  4. Still talking to your ex 

 Most ladies do not like it when when their guys still talk to their exes. they feel you still show interest in them, and are therefore less likely to trust you

5. Comparing her to other girls 

 Just like how no guy would like to be compared to anybody, so is ladies. No lady feels loved when you as a guy try to compared her to other ladies. After all, there's a saying that "Nobody is perfect"

  6. Monitoring their Social media activities 

 According to one Ellen, what she hates most about her boyfriend is he trying to monitor her WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram activities 

7. Non romantic

Being non romantic is a habit girls hate about their guys. Most girls would like to stay with a romantic cheating boyfriend that to stay with a non romantic guy

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